Over the course of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump used social media as a way to connect with potential voters. Now that he is president-elect, Trump doesn't appear to be slowing down his use of Twitter.

Trump busted

After Hillary Clinton expanded her popular vote lead to almost two million votes over Donald Trump, Jill Stein of the Green Party was able to raise over $5 million to file recounts in three different states. Reports of possible election hacking led to Stein's effort, but Trump isn't happy.

The president-elect responded on Twitter by claiming alleged acts of voter fraud in California, New Hampshire, and Virginia, along with alleged illegal immigrants voting for Clinton, prevented him from taking the lead in the popular vote. After CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny debunked Trump's claim on Monday, the billionaire real estate mogul lashed out on his Twitter account. As reported by The Hill on November 29, it appears that the future president wasn't being as honest about one of his messages.

Late Monday night, Donald Trump took to his offical Twitter account and re-tweeted several tweets that were critical of Jeff Zeleny.

One came from a 16-year-old Trump supporter named Seth, or @filibuster. Trump's retweet read, " @jeffzeleny Pathetic - you have no sufficient evidence that Donald Trump did not suffer from voter fraud, shame! Bad reporter." The problem is that Seth is now accusing Trump of adding to his tweet and misrepresenting his original comment.

"Dishonest @CNN is blaming me for calling @jeffzeleny a "bad reporter".

Donald Trump added that to the end of the tweet, not me. Thank you.," Seth tweeted out early Monday morning. In a follow-up tweet, Seth continued his clarification. "For further clarification, this is the original tweet from today. Donald Trump quoted it, took out his @, and added "bad reporter". NOT me.," Seth wrote, while adding a caption to his original message.

Next up

In just over 50 days, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the next president, unless the highly unlikely event of a successful recount takes place.

Until then, the former host of "The Apprentice" will continue to work with his transition team, led by Vice President-elect Mike Pence, and fill the remaining spots available in his cabinet and administration.

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