It is no secret that prisons and jails are full of individuals who took a wrong turn in life, some more severe than others. Many of those unfortunate Inmates can be rehabilitated as useful members of society through studies, work and activities behind bars. One such program is through Dog training.

Dog training benefits for the inmates and dogs

The Roxbury Correctional Institute near Hagerstown, Maryland is considering the expansion of their current inmate dog-training program. Senator Andrew Serafini just recently announced the Happy Hounds program where inmates can train rescue dogs from shelters to get them ready for adoption.

The current program allows for six dogs to ten dogs for training purposes. The warden at the facility, Richard Miller states that the dog training program teaches the inmates responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, the dogs benefit as well through socializing, training and human interaction through love and care that many of the animals are not accustomed to. The Happy Hounds program has been in effect at the institution since 2011. The Uniting to Save Animals promotes and supports the program and may be incorporated in other Maryland prisons.

What is the Happy Hounds dog training program?

Happy Hounds is a plan that helps shelter dogs find forever homes and loving families. Many of these dogs come from abusive or other unusual situations without any socialization or training that would help them to fit into a good home. The opportunity arose where inmates socialize and train the animals to help them be adopted. Through the process, many of the inmates form a strong bond with the dogs they train and socialize.

The process clearly has a positive effect on the behavior of the prisoners, giving them purpose, drive, and accomplishment. Although the program is for the benefit of the dogs and teach the inmates responsibility, saying goodbye is always difficult. However, it is a mutual understanding that the program is in the best interest of the dogs, knowing they will have better lives and good homes.

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