Dog poisoning is a grave concern for local pet owners in Hopkins, Minnesota. Owners have reported finding anti-freeze in pet foods in their yards and rat pills placed for dogs to eat and die. Without witnesses and informants to come forward, this act of animal cruelty warrants an ongoing investigation and reward.

Dog poisoning investigation underway

Authorities report that dog owners in the Hopkins, Minnesota area discovered rat pills in their yards and antifreeze in their dog’s food. As a result of this evil action, one dog lost its life, and two others have been poisoned on other blocks of 9th and 10th avenues.

Because of the severity of these dog poisoning cases, law enforcement, prosecutors and all local residents are stepping up to take serious action in protecting the community and their pets. The Hopkins Police Department is doing a thorough investigation of the case and asks anyone with information to call them at (952) 938-8885.

The Humane Society, actively engaged in this case, states that the connection between human violence and Animal cruelty is critically documented. The results of many studies show a distinct correlation between animal cruelty and other crimes like firearms violations, battery, narcotics and sexual assault. The Minnesota state director of the Humane Society, Christine Coughlin says that “Deliberately poisoning dogs is not only cruel, it is also a crime.

We hope our reward helps find the person or individuals who are committing these despicable acts.”

Reward offered in dog poisoning case in Hopkins

The local HSUS has raised public awareness regarding the dog poisoning in Hopkins, educating everyone on the correlation between animal cruelty and human violence.

Working together with law enforcement, the Humane Society is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for any information that can lead to any suspects, arrest, and conviction of the people responsible for this act of animal cruelty. Police have also offered a $1,000 to solve this case and protect all other pets in the area.

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