On September 20, Keith Lamont Scott was shot while running away from police officer Brentley Vinson, killing the man. After over two months of investigations, Vinson finally faced the decision of a court as to weather or not he would face charges for Scott's #Shooting. According to the Mecklenburg Country District Attorney, he will not.

The decision

15 prosecutors came to the decision on Wednesday afternoon, citing that Vinson acted appropriately in his treatment of Scott; at least eleven of the prosecutors were white, while only one was known to be African-American. There were several reasons behind the decision to acquit Vinson of committing a crime in the shooting, namely evidence of Scott being armed while he was running from Vinson, surveillance video evidence of Scott having a gun prior to the traffic stop that resulted in his shooting, an erroneous Facebook Live video posted by Scott's daughter, and conflicting eyewitness reports.

The district attorney in the shooting case has vowed to continue the inquiry to look at potential changes to police tactics, but today's decision will likely close the door on criminal charges against Vinson for his treatment of Scott.

History of the case

The shooting case became a national story after a video recorded of the incident appeared to show Vinson firing several rounds at the fleeing Scott at point blank range, another case of an unjustified killing of an unarmed black man by a police officer. The cop claimed, among other things, that Scott had wrestled a taser away from Vinson after he tried to use it and was in fear of his life, but the leaked footage appeared to show otherwise.

This led to a round of protests in the nearby Charlotte area that turned violent at times. The fact that Vinson is also an African-American didn't appease those who shouted "#Black Lives Matter" as the city of Charlotte burned around them.

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Today's decision on the shooting is more than likely to spark another round of protests in and around the area of Mecklenburg County. #Keith Scott