A police officer has lost his job after allegedly giving a Homeless man afecal sandwich, which was something he concocted while on duty. This act was so disgusting that it was the cop's fellow officers who turned him in to internal affairs.

Cop's vile deed

The San Antonio Police Department as a whole is mortified and disgusted that a police officer who has sworn to protect the people of their community would allegedly do such a thing. This incident reportedly occurred in May while Officer Matthew Luckhurst was on bike patrol with a fellow officer, according to the Washington Post.

Fellow officers mortified

It was at this time that Luckhurst used a Styrofoam container, the type that sandwiches come in from a restaurant, to leave a sandwich for the homeless man who was sound asleep on the sidewalk. Luckhurst placed feces between two pieces of bread to make that sandwich and he placedthat feces-laced sandwich inside the container and left it next to the man.

Fecal sandwich for homeless man

After he left this sandwich he returned to his partner and bragged to him what he had done. This gross and potentially harmless act wasn't bad enough, as the cop got more mileage out of it by bragging about this deed this to his fellow officers. The cops who were privy to Luckhurst's bragging about his dirty deed felt this was disgusting and it actually got them mad enough to report him.

In July one of his fellow officers reported this act to internal affairs and an investigation was immediately launched. The police department also did their best to find this homeless man, but it was to no avail.

Fired from police force

The investigation into Luckhurst's deed ended last week with him being fired from the department. The San Antonio Police Department has released a statement condemning Luckhurst's actions and severing his behaviorfrom anything his fellow officers in this department would do. They also noted that his fellow officers were so disgusted over this vile act that they were the ones to turn him in.

San Antonio has 2,300 officerson its force, it is no small department. In a not so stellar police-citizen climate that is seen today around the nation, this cop didn't help matters much with his vile actions.

Cop said it was just a joke

Luckhurst's lawyer reports that he didn't actually give the homeless man a sandwich stuffed with feces.He said that he was just joking about doing so. The investigation did lead to Luchurst getting fired from his position, so apparently the department did not see it as a joke.

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