ConservAmerica endorsed former Mayor Charles Marsala for US Senate on October 21. The group, advised by Ted Roosevelt IV, made only two nationwide endorsements in the Senate race.


'Louisiana is ground zero for major conservation issues facing our nation,' stated President Rob Sisson. 'Coastal management practices coupled with sea level rise will challenge the State in the coming decades. Louisianans have an opportunity to send a Republican who understands the importance of sustainable development, remediation efforts, and clean energy to the United States Senate.

Charles Marsala is that candidate.

Charles brings a wealth of experience in business, finance, and conservation. His background as mayor of one of the country’s leading high technology communities gives him a unique background to help the State of Louisiana grow its economy while passing on to the next generation a landscape held dear by the state’s residents.

He will bring a voice of reason to the United States Senate that is needed to help move the Republican Party forward on sustainable policies.

I urge anyone who shares our concern about passing our way of life onto future generations to vote for Charles Marsala.'

ConservAmerica, founded in 1995, is the country’s oldest organization working on conservative policies to protect the Environment and grow the economy.ConservAmerica members are Republicans, conservatives, and independents who share a passion for environment conservation and advocate that a healthy environment and a sound economy are both essential to the nation’s prosperity.

The organization advances a philosophy that compels people to be good stewards of natural resources.

Marsala has long history combining conservation efforts with sustainable policy making

While Mayor of Atherton, Calif., Marsala signed the Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement and created the town’s Environmental Programs Committee. The committee’s objective was to address new green home construction in Atherton, which often exceeded 7,000 square feet, and to promote environmentally-friendly products of high-tech companies in Silicon Valley.

Marsala is also founder and producer of the public broadcast television show 'Awesome Wildlife Effort' which educates on waterway and wildlife conservation efforts, focusing on reducing harmful algal blooms that cause dead zones. His corresponding YouTube channel, AWE News, has been nominated for several Suncoast Emmy awards.

Marsala is the only former Mayor running in the US Senate race for Louisiana and has experience dealing with natural disasters. He created Atherton's Citizen Emergency Response Training (CERT) program. Louisianahas experienced widespread environmental damage from flooding, coastal erosion, and chemical pollutants in the water and air.

As Sisson stated, Marsala's unique and diverse backgroundqualifies him to make the runoff.

Marsala stated: 'I am honored to be endorsed by ConservAmerica and will advocate for the organization’s objectives.'

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