After Donald Trump pulled off the shocking upset and defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to become the new president-elect, all eyes then shifted to who would surround him in the White House. When it was announced that Breitbart News' Steve Bannon would server as Chief Strategist, backlash quickly followed.

CNN clash

Breitbart News has long been known as a right-wing news site, often posting questionable and controversial articles for their readers to engage with.

Steve Bannon has acted as the site's executive chairman as been accused of giving a voice to the "alt-right," a conservative movement that has been labeled as "white nationalists" by much of the mainstream media. Despite Donald Trump disavowing the group, he's continued to defend Bannon and the decision to bring him into the White House. This issue was a hot topic of debate during the November 30 edition of "Anderson Cooper 360" on CNN.

Joining host Anderson Cooper was Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who quickly went after Steve Bannon, while highlighting the charges against him that he is a racist and anti-Semite. "(Trump) got as his strategic adviser someone who's a white supremacist (Bannon)," Warren said, who was then cut off by Cooper.

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Donald Trump

"Wait a minute, there’s no evidence he’s a white supremacist,” Cooper claimed, as he cut into Warren's sentence. "Obviously, there are people who are white supremacists who support Donald Trump and support Breitbart or Steve Bannon," the CNN host continued.

Looking dumbfounded, Elizabeth Warren said that Bannon has "certainly associated himself with white supremacists," before asking Cooper, "Will you go that far?" The Massachusetts senator went on to point out that the Ku Klux Klan publicly celebrated Steve Bannon being made Chief Strategist not longer after the announcement was made.

Trump criticism

In addition to the Steve Bannon backlash, Donald Trump has caught heat for some of his other cabinet and administrative decisions. Retired Gen. Michael Flynn has been named National Security Advisor, despite liberal critics accusing him of racism and Islamaphobia. Betsy DeVos, a top Republican donor and Evangelical Christian, has been criticized for being named Education Secretary due to her right-wing religious views.

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