Ever since Donald Trump pulled off the political surprise of the century and defeated Hillary Clinton , all eyes have been on how he moves forward. While it's been less than a week since he's been president-elect, but Trump is already shaking-up his team.

Christie, out

After he had officially been declared the winner on election night, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was tapped to head the transition team into the White House. Christie's job would be to oversee a smooth move into the office of the presidency, as Trump prepares to become the 45th President of the United States.

On Friday, it was announced that Christie was removed from the position, and replaced by Vice President-elect Mike Pence. As reported by The Hill on November 12, what led to Christie's departure was a backstage conflict with a member of the Trump family.

In recent days, tensions have grown between Christie and Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law who married his daughter Ivanka.

Kushner and Christie have been at odds since the summer, but it reached a fever pitch following the election win. The feud between the two actually goes back over a decade when Christie was New Jersey attorney general. Christie has prosecuted Charles Kushner in 2004, Jared's father, after pleading guilty to the charges of "crimes of greed, power, and excess."

According to a source close to the campaign, Kushner was fed up with Christie and his advisors acting like know-it-alls behind the scenes. "They act like they’re in charge, and Jared Kushner is like, 'You're not really in charge,'" the source explained.

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Donald Trump

After the two sides continued to clash over the last 72 hours, the decision was made to cut the governor loose. It's currently unknown if Christie will have a role in the upcoming administration.

Next up

A recent report by The New York Times details that Trump is having a difficult time transitioning into his role as president, with close advisors describing him as "overwhelmed." Trump was also "shocked" that he actually won the election, only further adding to the drama surrounding the most controversial race in recent history.

Before the billionaire real estate mogul can even make it to the White House, he will stop in a federal court and face charges of fraud and racketeering in regards to the Trump University lawsuit.

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