Pakistan armed forces are beefing up. With tension on the rise with both India and Afghanistan, the need to strengthen the Pakistan army is of great importance. In addition, a terror movement is alive inside Pakistan in the mountainous North West as well as an insurgency for freedom in Baluchistan.

The Pakistan army needed Helicopter gunships to fight the insurgency in Baluchistan and the Islamic terror groups. In addition, a threat of a war with India looms on the horizon. They are a welcome addition to its firepower.

Heli-gunship for Pak army

The Chinese have now transferred 3 attack helicopter gunships to the Pak army.

The machines given to Pakistan are the WZ-10 Thunderbolts. This battle machine is used by the Chinese army. #china has developed an upgraded gunship the WZ-16, but it is not given to Pakistan.

Russian angle

These gunships were recently showcased by the Pak army in an integrated exercise close to the Indian border. The army also used the MI-35 attack gunship, which it has bought from Russia.Four of these machines have joined the Pakistan army. This marks a reversal of Russian policy not to sell #military hardware to Pakistan as it was earlier a member of defense pacts against it sponsored by the USA.

The Chinese WZ-10 is not considered the equivalent of the American AH-64 Apache gunships. It is underpowered, and its weapons load is also comparatively limited. The Pak army had also bought 15 Viper helicopters for operations against the Islamic terrorists in the FATA.

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Changing scenario

The Pakistan army used all these three gunships in its recent exercise close to the city of Bahawalpur in Punjab. The Pakistan army which has a say in governance has never been short of the latest weaponry. Earlier the USA was the main supplier, but this has tapered off as America realized the two-faced nature of Pakistan. Taking help from the USA and attacking American interests in Afghanistan.

Last word

America is replaced by China which bolsters the Pak regime to needle India with who it has many disputes. The Pak army is delighted with these acquisitions, and it will be interesting to see how well they use them in operations.