The school bus driver of the fatal Chattanooga crash yelled out to the kids "Are y'all ready to die," as he sped around a corner, according to what some of the surviving children reported. The mother of three kids who were on that bus lost her little girl in the horrendous crash.

Jasmine Mateen's 6-year-old little girl won't be coming home from this tragic event and one of her other two surviving children witnessed their sister's death. She said that she had complained a few times about the bus driver's behavior since August when school started.

Five children die

According to CBS News today one of Mateen's children said the bus driver yelled out "Are y'all ready to die" seconds before the bus flipped.

Five children died in that crash, with one of them being Mateen's 6-year-old daughter.

'Well over' 30 mph posted speed limit

The bus driver, Johnthony Walker, was charged with five counts of vehicular homicide along with reckless endangerment and reckless driving. The 24-year-old was "driving well over" the posted speed limit of 30 mph when he rounded a curve and flipped the bus after losing control. He is being held on $107,500 bail while waiting for his November 29th court appearance.

Little girl saw her sister 'smushed'

One of Mateen's surviving children was sitting on the bus next to her sister who died. She told her mother she saw her sister get "smushed" between two seats. The young girl could only say that she missed her sister. Other parents have complained about the bus driver's speeding in the past.

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Craig Harris, who also had two children on the bus, said that Walker sometimes drove too fast.

Bus flipped on curve and wrapped around tree

Another student told the media that the bus driver wasn't paying attention and driving too fast when the bus flipped. According to authorities, the crash happened on a narrow road that twisted and turned. The bus flipped on a curve and then it was wrapped around a tree while on its side. It took almost two hours for first responders to extract all the children out of the wreckage.

Devastation in their eyes

The Chicago Tribune reports that some of the children taken out of the crashed bus were diagnosed as "too dazed to talk" by a hospital doctor. Dr. Darvey Koller said as the children started to arrive at the pediatric emergency room from the bus crash, it was easy to spot the devastation in their eyes.

Kids too dazed to talk

Because the children were to dazed to talk, the identification process wasn't an easy feat. The authorities had to resort to photographing the injured victims and let the teachers at their school identify them.

Of the five children killed, one was in kindergarten, one was in first grade and three were fourth graders. Twelve children remain hospitalized with six still listed in critical condition in the intensive care unit. No criminal records were found for Walker, although he did have his license suspended in 2014 for failure to show insurance, but it was only a month-long suspension. Back in September he did have an accident with reported property damage, but those were all the records found on this bus driver. #Chattanooga bus crash #Are you ready to die #fatal school bush crash