Today is the day that many Americans have waited months for. It marks the day that the United States of America will appoint a new president into office. As it is known, the 2016 United States presidential election has been one for the books. In the race between the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, and the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, there has been constant surprising news revealed from leaked emails to sexual assault allegations. With this race coming to a close, the electoral college results slowly reveal themselves showingTrump’s lead. Subsequently, the Canadian Immigration website began to crash.

Moving to Canada

With this election being as dramatic as it has been for the United States, many Americans have made remarks of leaving the country depending on which candidate won. Regarding this, Business Insider wrote an article that has been making its way around social media named, “How to Move to Canada and Become a Canadian Citizen.” The article discussed thatin order to become a citizen, you have to live in Canada for at least six years, but with free healthcare and friendly people, it’s totally worth it.Canada has been known for taking in a wide-range of refugees from other countries around the world, such as Syria. It wasn’t expected that this article would actually draw as much attention as it did, butas election results began rolling in exposing Trump’slead over Clinton’s, clearly many Americans were contemplating the move.However, the website was not accessible due to the overflow of visitors looking to leave the US.

Update on election

The battle between the two candidates has been a close one as Hillary has lightly trailed Donald. Currently, a few states are left to determine their winner with Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire all leaning towards theRepublican partyand Nevada, Maine, and Minnesota leaning towards the Democratic Party.

Come tomorrow morning,all Americans will wake up with a newpresident to represent their country.

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