If Governor Jerry Brown, of California, has his way, the state will smell a whole lot better in the coming years. A Fox 5 news report says that Brown signed legislation back in September that targeted bovine creatures because of their obnoxious tendencies to fart, belch and leave gassy manure piles. It’s not the stench that concerns the Governor, it’s the hot methane gas that is emitted every time a cow belches, farts or defecates.

Cow farts contribute to global warming?

California has been on a rampage about global warming since 2006, and now dairy farmers are coming under fire with claims that their cows are contributing to global warming with their bodily functions.

According to Ryan McCarthy, who is a science advisor for the California Air Resources Board, reducing methane from cow farts, belches and manure piles, will slow the effects of global warming.

State officials are working on the regulations and plan to have it take effect in 2024. They hope to lower the methane emissions from dairy and livestock farms by 40 percent, when compared with the 2013 level. Farmers have fought the legislation but it appears California is serious about cleaning up its air quality.

Can you really make a cow stop farting?

While it will be impossible to stop a cow from farting or belching, the legislation may include getting farmers to change the diet of the cows to reduce as much farting and belching as possible. As far as the manure is concerned…can you say giant pooper scooper?

State regulators want the dairy farmers to invest in methane digesters. These digesters will capture the methane gas from the manure and turn it into electricity.

The methane will be held in storage tanks. Farmers argue that such an operation will be too expensive and may even cause some dairies to move or just shut down.

Small dairy farms will find it hard to afford the methane digesters even though the state has set aside $50 million dollars to help farmers get them set up and working properly. The co-owner of New Hope Dairy told Fox 5 that they set up a $4 million digester in 2013, but they could not have done it without state grants and a partnership with the company that runs the system to generate renewable power.

But smelling farts could be good for you

Interesting enough older news articles that say smelling farts could be good for your health and your memory have been circulating the internet again recently. But it wasn’t the methane in them, it was the hydrogen sulfide that they claim could prevent heart attacks, reduce aging, and increase the memory.

The reports also claim that stinky farts with lots of hydrogen sulfide in them come from eating things like beans. So, unless the dairy farmers in California are feeding their cows beans, they can’t claim any health benefits. Beano, anyone?

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