For those at the center of the Yes California movement, it really is all about "California Love". Some are labeling the efforts of this group in the Golden State as an attempt to pull off what is being labeled a Calexit. For its supporters, Yes California is about reclaiming something lost and creating something entirely new. The Yes California movement was established with the explicit purpose of generating interest and support for California's succession from the United States of America.

Calexit - an independent California Republic

Yes California view their home state as a global leader and economic powerhouse.

To those who support this initiative, Calexit, is about freedom, liberty and justice, embracing a California state of mind:

The organization, on it's Website, describes the reasons behind this effort as being rooted in the way they view the values of their home state. They would like to see California able to look after it's own people and give away less of it's income to other states and the United States federal government. They would like to see California's infrastructure improved and it's social safety net strengthened. For those at the center of this movement, they would like to see the best of California protected and a new way of life established which will allow for a renewed sense of future prosperity.

On their website, Yes California lists a 9 point statement which forms the basis of their "case for Independence".

Voters may decide future of Calexit in 2019

Yes California on Monday, November 21st submitted documents to the Attorney General's Office in California to begin the process of seeking to get their independence vote on a statewide ballot.

While many view this independence initiative as a fringe or niche idea that only a select few are likely to publicly endorse, others view movements like this as a natural consequence of the kind of political contest which has been played out in the 2016 Presidential Election. If this organization has it's way, they will leave the question of the legitmacy of their movement up to the citizens of California to decide.

On the organization's website, there is a full explanation of their mission and the proposed future trajectory of their movement.

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