After about 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU, there have been numerous attempts to stop the process now known as “Brexit.” One such effort occurred on November 3, when the High Court in London ruled that Article 50 of the European Union treaty can only be triggered by Parliament. A shock to many, this ruling gives hope to those opposing Brexit. For Britain to leave the EU, the High Court says Parliament must chose to proceed. This also means that Parliament may choose to block or attach conditions to the leave, making a “soft” Brexit.

How is Prime Minister Theresa May and the government responding?

The government is appealing the High Court’s ruling, but no matter the ruling, Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans for a speedy exit have been compromised. The Supreme Court will be taking the case early next month, probably close to December 7th. If Article 50 is invoked, there will be no more parliamentary involvement, and Britain will officially leave the EU within two years. However, the High Court’s decision implies further opposition from various organizations and political bodies even if the government wins this case. There is already talk of staging a second Brexit referendum.

Will Parliament block Brexit anyway?

Due to political concerns, it is unlikely that Parliament will block Brexit entirely.

To do so would act against all 17.4 million voters who voiced their desire to leave through the referendum. A second referendum where a majority votes to stay in the EU could alleviate some of these political pressures and allow for the official end of Brexit. Only time can tell.

What this means for the US after the 2016 Presidential elections?

In the meantime, those in the US may find solace in these proceedings. Hate crimes were heightened after Brexit was passed, and many were afraid. After Donald Trump was elected as President-elect, many Americans encountered the same fear and danger.

Although we are not the same government, there may be hope for those suffering in the US if Brexit is no more.

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