Independent media are live streaming the standoff at the bridge blockade at highway 1806 right now. Kevin Gilbert, Unicorn Riot, and Digital Smoke Signals are live streaming the vicious #Police Brutality against unarmed water protectors by North Dakota Gov. Dalrymple's police state. As they do so, their video and audio feeds are jammed, but by whom? Is this part of Facebook's new war on so-called “fake news,” or are the police, private security, and National Guard jamming their signals in violation of their constitutaional rights to freedom of the press?

Some may die tonight

Reports of the injuries are grim. Unicorn Riot reports that some people may even die tonight.

Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals reports gruesome details of what happens when one is struck by a rubber bullet. Several people have broken fingers; one person reportedly nearly had their fingers blown off. People have contusions all over their bodies. A fifteen year old girl was shot in the face. One water protector was bleeding from the head after being struck by a rubber bullet. All night these fascist agents of Climate Change have sprayed the water protectors with water in subzero temperatures. Many are suffering from hypothermia. Kevin Gilbert reports the water protectors are completely surrounded, and trapped.

Water protectors completely surrounded

The bridge and blockade are blocked on the left, right, and behind the police barricade. The police, private security, and National Guard fire mace and tear gas into the crowd, but there is no escape but to go backward.

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People trapped in the front and the middle have no choice but to either, trample one another, or inhale the noxious tear gas. They have fired so much tear gas at peaceful demonstrators that a cloud of the noxious gas has enveloped the whole area. People can be heard coughing and retching. Even the people live streaming from a great distance away are coughing as the frigid wind carries the poison in their direction. They are forced to film at a great distance because when they get near camp their signal is jammed entirely. Many independent media representatives remark on the total absence of main stream media covering these horrific events.

Medics have difficulty getting through

Medics who try to get blankets to the freezing water protectors are driven back by tear gas fired over and over again, as well as the canons of mace. The police, private security, and National Guard have tested the LRED sound canon, used concussion grenades, rubber bullets, tear gas, and mace. A supporter who tried to deliver blankets to the front lines was so overcome with the tear gas that she reportedly urinated her pants and vomited. Every effort is being made to prevent the public from seeing the horrors now unfolding.

Not only are the live stream signals being jammed. The drones of Digital Smoke Signals that are being flown to document these abuses are being shot down down by law enforcement. Women, children, and elderly people are being attacked with these fascist weapons of oppression. Despite all of this, the water protectors remain defiant.

Defiant to the last

Traditional Oceti Sakowin (Sioux Nation) war cries from both men and women can be heard. People shout in unison “the people united will never be defeated” and “NODAPL”, Mni Wiconi (Water is Life), and “Keep it in the ground!" Water protectors even shoot off fireworks in defiance of the fascist police state that is attacking them. At one point, one could even hear traditional Lakota drumming and singing from the defiant water protectors. These horrific abuses are being allowed to occur under the neoliberal corporate regime of President #Obama. Imagine how much worse it will get when #Donald Trump's fascist white nationalists consolidate their power. It is 2016 and our tax dollars are paying for fascism. Now is the time to stand with Standing Rock against the Dakota Access pipeline.