Nothing quite suggests a presidential campaign in a death spiral that the candidate and her chief surrogate going berserk against hecklers in the crowd. Hot Air reports on two instances of this happening. First Bill Clinton started yelling at someone who had some pointed things to say about Obamacare, which Clinton himself once referred to as “the craziest thing I ever say.” Then Hillary Clinton had a public meltdown over a “Bill is a rapist” protestor in the audience.

And some people worry about Donald Trump’s temperament.

Every good politician has a way of dealing with hecklers. The well times come back with inciting the crowd to start chanting to drown the miscreant out usually suffices to make the candidate look good and cause the heckler to slink away in ignominy.

Bill Clinton was the past master of the art of the heckler putdown. But that skill seems to have escaped the former president less than a week before the election.

Hillary Clinton never had the skill of give and take with hostile audience members. Her stump speeches are delivered robotically with all of the emoting of a rutabaga. She is particularly unprepared when the unexpected happens, such as a heckler yelling what she and all the world knows, that her husband Bill is an alleged serial rapist.

Compare the public hysteria exhibited by Bill and Hillary Clinton to how Donald Trump has reacted to adversity. Trump, who is known to say and do alarming things in public, was looking at the abyss two or so weeks ago.

Somehow, perhaps with the coaching of his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, Trump found the strength to get control of himself. He has, for the most part, been disciplined on the stump, sticking to the issues and attacking his opponent. As a result, Team Trump is on a roll and Team Hillary is on the skids.

The development turns the temperament issue on its head. Could it be that Hillary Clinton is the candidate who lacks the temperament to be president and that Donald Trump, at least when it counts the most, been able to grab some self-control?

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