Barron Trump is only 10, which is an age where kids play with those little plastic military men, but he is one kid that has a life-size rendition right in his own backyard. Over the Thanksgiving holiday Barron was spotted playing at Mar-A-Lago surrounded by heavily armed guards and a boat with machine guns trolling the waters surrounding the Trump estate.

Secret Service playdate

According to The Daily Mail, he was spotted playing with other children during the Trump family's stay at the high-end estate within the Mar-A-Lago Resort.


While doing the things any normal 10-year-old kid would do while outside playing, he was never further away than 10-feet from any one of the several men who appeared to belong to the Secret Service detail assigned to watch over him.

Those are the big guns

It didn't look as if the presence of the armed U.S. Coast Guard boat sparked any fear into Barron. On the contrary, he was seen watching it and at one point he was waving to the crew on board the boat trolling the area around Trump's estate. Reports put a detail of 150 security people with the Trumps for the Thanksgiving holiday in Palm Beach, Florida.

Complex estate to watch over Trumps

It seems Mar-a-Lago isn't an ideal place for the Secret Service to watch over the future First Family. The problem is that their private quarters on the estate are not far from where members of the Mar-A-Lago Club gather and mingle amongst themselves.

Life changes for youngest son

Barron was born into the lap of luxury, so it is not as if these are new places for the youngest son of the president-elect. What is new is the constant presence of Secret Service people watching over him, his mom, and dad.


Some of the parents of the children in the school that Barron attends in Manhattan haven't been very welcoming to Barron and Melania because of all the security and the disruption it causes. It isn't that they don't like the mom and son, it is Barron's presence in the school that they are fearful of now that his dad is the president. After all the uproar caused by Trump winning, they are concerned someone will stage something at the school.

Once Melania announced she was keeping Barron in Columbia Prep School and staying in Manhattan in lieu of moving to the White House, some of the parents became annoyed. They were concerned for their own children's safety because of all the uproar surrounding Trump winning the presidency.

School interuptions

The constant presence of the Secret Service was also grating on them, as it caused major interruption in the school day both for any parent wishing to enter the school, with their kids in tow. The Secret Service sweeps the school every morning, then they use detecting wands on anyone in the school. Not only is this disruptive, but it is a reminder that there are dangers. Things have changed for the young boy, but he seems to be going with the flow and handling things just fine.


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