Melania Trump has proven time and time again that she has thick skin, which is something needed in today's political culture. She has let insults roll off her back and handled herself gracefully through thick and thin while her husband ran for president and eventually won. Melania is like many women in today's society who have a breaking point when it comes to their kids.

When a video recently surfaced suggesting the behavior demonstrated by her 10-year-old son Barron, was due to autism, she emerged in the future First Lady.


The video went viral over the weekend after Rosie O'Donnell's tweet suggested that Barron looks like a kid with autism and then she shared a link to the video.

Video details Barron's behaviors

The video showed clips of Barron clapping his hands at a high rate of speed, but he was clapping along with a crowd in an auditorium as his father spoke. It is not as if he was doing anything different than the others in the room.


His hands were going a mile a minute, but they never touched, which was something the video pointed out. He's only 10-years-old and maybe by 1 a.m., which is about the time the video was taken, his hands hurt from joining in on all the clapping.

Stop the bullying, or a tool for bullying?

According to the video maker, the pretense of the video was to stop the bullying of Barron Trump, but as Melania and her lawyer, Charles J.

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Donald Trump

Harder pointed out, the video can be used as a form of bullying of Barron. Once Rosie O'Donnell eyed it and shared it with the masses, people took to the video and it became the talk of the online world. Now it has become a form of harassment to the youngest of the Trump children.

Video created by man diagnosed with autism

According to Just Jared in a recent update, the creator of the video, James Hunter, apologized and deleted the video.

Hunter, who said he was diagnosed with autism at the age of five, was tired of seeing people poking fun at Barron's mannerisms. He recognized these behaviors in Barron and believed he was someone on the autism spectrum, much like himself.

Hunter, who endured bullying as a child, thought the video might help to educate people that Barron's behaviors were not something to laugh about. He didn't mean any harm with this video and he published a retraction along with an apology in place of his deleted video.


Rosie O'Donnell strikes and skates off unscathed

Melania and Barron's lawyer threatened to sue the video maker unless the video came down and an apology was issued. Did Rosie O'Donnell attempt to stir up the pot as a way to jab Donald Trump through his young son? She claims she was only thinking about the great opportunity this would be to bring awareness of autism to the nation if Barron did in fact carry the diagnosis.


Melania continues to adamantly state that Barron does not have autism and that he is a perfectly normal boy of 10. He's smart and very much like his dad, Donald Trump. She calls him "Little Donald" for that reason. There was no action taken against O'Donnell. The lawsuit threat was aimed at the creator of the YouTube video that Rosie directed the masses to watch.

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