Last Friday, November 18, a chlorine gas bomb struck a hospital in Aleppo, Syria leaving many wounded and dead. Since, videos have circulated the internet that have portrayed the reality of the massacre that is currently taking place in Syria.

History behind Aleppo

Aleppo, Syria is one of the world’s largest and most ancient cities that has been identified in many of the Egyptian texts. It is Syria’s largest city and is known as the financial and industrial epicenter, but now it's also known as the epicenter for the Refugee Crisis.

In the beginning, as most of Syria began uprising against Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, Aleppo remained quite peaceful and out of the turmoil.

However, that changed in July 2012 when rebel fighters began their quest to gain control over northern Syria. This eventually divided the city, leaving the east under control of rebels and the west under the control of the government.

The violence has not stopped since 2012, and in 2016, the violence became remarkably worse when the Syrian government allied with the Russian government and began attacking the rebel districts. In July, government forces surrounded east Aleppo, closing the main access route into the area, trapping over 200,000 civilians. Many Syrians attempted to flee the war zone to find sanctuary in other countries.

Friday’s dropped bombs

Last week, the Syrian government began dropping bombs on besieged Aleppo.

Bombs hit two hospitals that were caring for trauma patients, one of those hospitals being the only children’s hospital. This left over 250,000 individuals, many being children, without the medical care that they needed.

A video went viral in the media of a young boy who fell victim to the attack. He was standing outside in his neighborhood watching the war planes when a chlorine gas bomb was dropped and yellow smoke began filling the air.

Extremely distressed and scared while an oxygen mask was being strapped to his face, he was asking “Will I die, miss? Will I die?” He claimed that something happened to his siblings, but he does not know where they are.

As he and others were being treated, the hospitals that were attacked and destroyed were having to rapidly remove adults and children, some already deceased, to other facilities.

This bombing left Aleppo without their primary medical facilities, causing the doctors to have to care for patients in much harsher conditions, such as bedroom homes. Misery continues to prevail in Syria as death and wounded rates continue to rise.

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