This thought of an airborne snake might seem like a dream, butthe Hollywood thriller "Snakes on a Plane"came to realityon Sunday afternoon as flight 231to Mexico City was forced to make an expedited landing.

The green viper

On Sunday afternoon, passengers were aboard the AeroMexico flight to Mexico City from Torreon, Mexico whenthehavoc occurred. While thousands of feet in the air, a five-foot long green viper slithered its way from the overhead bin compartmentsabove the passengers, completely frightening them. Flight 231 was forced to make an expedited landing so that Animal Control could do away with the creature.

In the meantime, two passengers took extreme measures forprotecting the rest of the passengersand caught the poisonous snake by using a blanket and magazines. Luckily, no-one was harmed throughout this process and the flight was given priority landing in Mexico City so that thepassengers, and the viper, could be safely removed from the plane.

Other airborne snake incidents

In 2012, it was learned that a snake made its way across the world on a plane from Cancun, Mexico to Glasgow, Scotland. It hid under a seat and was found after landing. In 2013, just before take-off to Tokyo, Japan from Sydney, Australia, a snake was found on the plane for the second time that year. This forced passengers to stay the night in Sydney.

In 2015, a very poisonous African snake was found on a plane in Dubai during a routine inspection.

Surprisingly, it isn’t very uncommon for snakes and other creatures (snails, spiders, turtles, etc.) to make their way onto planes, especially in areas where such creatures are common. Luckily, on this flight to Mexico City, the pilot was able to land the plane before anyone was harmed bythe extremely poisonous viper.

How the snake made its way onto the plane is unknown, but it is being investigated to ensure that something like this does not happen again.

Below is short video clip that was captured and posted to social media by a man named Indaleicio Medina. It shows the snake revealing itself and quickly dropping into the cabin.

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