The #Middle East is aflame with the Iraqi government forces making tedious progress in the capture of Mosul even after the US has provided air support and advisors on the ground. In Jordan, we have the sad news of 3 US servicemen being shot dead at a check post at the King Faisal airbase in al-jafr. CNN International reported the news.


The Middle East was a relatively stable area when Saddam Hussein was around. The Iraqi dictator had kept things under control and at that time one did not hear of Islamic militancy like Al Qaeda and ISIS very much. As #Donald Trump said the Iraqi dictator was a nasty man but he knew how to control Islamic militants.

He went after them and hanged them by the dozens.

Unfortunately, he was removed, and President Obama committed a bigger blunder by withdrawing the US forces from Iraq, creating a vacuum that was filled by the Islamic State. No wonder senior Republican leader John McCain and Donald Trump had blamed Obama for the rise of the ISIS.

US servicemen shot dead in Jordan

The video footage of the incident in Jordan is available, and one can clearly see that the entire incident was preplanned and motivated by hatred for the US servicemen. The gunman allowed the first vehicle to pass before opening fire on the next vehicle and fatally injuring the servicemen. The third vehicle with other US soldiers returned the fire and the bullets hit the shooter who is now in a coma in hospital. Two US soldiers died in the second vehicle and one in the third vehicle.

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The killed soldiers were members of the 5th special group of the airforce from Fort Campbell in Kentucky. They were in Jordan, a supposed ally of the US to help impart training to the Jordan armed forces. One wonders if US servicemen can be attacked with impunity in a country that is an ally of the US, then what will happen in case there is an all-around environment of hatred. The King of Jordan is an ally and Jordon which has no oil is heavily dependent on the US largesse to even balance its budget. In such a scenario an attack on US servicemen needs to be followed up. The FBI is investigating. Maybe Donald Trump will take note of this and formulate his reaction when he is president of the USA #military