Julian Assange's Wikileaks' organization on Friday, October 14th, published previously secret documents related to a June 2016 meeting between the United States, European Union and 22 other countries accounting for 2/3's of the World's total GDP. The Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) is the most expansive multinational trade agreement currently being discussed by global leaders. Along with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TiPP), it is part of a huge shift towards global trade policies that many feel will weaken nationalsovereignty as well as the ability to prosecute transnational corporations.

The secrecy surrounding negotiations involving TiSA, TPP and TiPP have raised many concerns about how these deals will shape the landscape of freedom and opportunity in the years to come.

Wikileaks once again shines light into the darkness

The Trade in Services Agreement is the largest of these deals and relates to the global service industries which in the United States currently account for 80% of the total economy. According to the World Bank, the service industries focus less on natural resources and more on educated human capital. The rise in the service industry has been linked to what is being described as "postindustrialization". Many of the world's strongest economies are shifting towards service based economies and away from industries which are more heavily reliant on natural resources.

Trade agreements involving TiSA, TPP and TiPP have all taken place behind closed doors and their proceedings have not been made public. The October 14th publication of documents related to TiSA by Wikileaks follows previous releases from this agreement on June 3rd, 2015, June 19th 2015, July 1st 2015, July 2nd 2015, December 3rd 2015, May 25th 2016, and September 15th 2016.

All leaked documents relating to TiSA are available on Julian Assange's Wikileaks web platform. Wikileaks has also released a document written by Sanya A. Smith entitled Analysis: TiSA Market Access Requestswhich seeks to explain the highly complex legal language contained within the caches of TiSA documents which have come to light.

Year of the leak chronicles continued

The October 14th documents released by Wikileaks relating to the TiSA involve the European Union's demands ofUnited States, Chile, Taiwan, Columbia, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Mauritius, Mexico, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, and Turkey and cover areas such as: Financial Services, Energy and Mining, Telecommunications, Maritime Services, Government Procurement, Monopolies, E-Commerce, and Domestic Regulation among others. In general the requests covered by this section of TiSA relate to vast areas of market access and a shift towards dramatic liberalization. The extent of the proposedderegulation covered by TiSA, TPP and TiPP is truly staggering and impacts areas of social, political, economic and environmental concern among many others.

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