While much of the media has focused on the growing sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been dealing with her own issues. Wikileaks have been releasing thousands of emails obtained during the hacking of John Podesta, Clinton campaign chair, though they have also been accused of a partisan attack to take down the former Secretary of State.

Wikileaks caught

Led by the controversial Julian Assange, Wikileaks have been operating for years with the mission to expose wrong-doings in the government.

At times, the group has appeased non-partisan, target politicians and government officals on both sides of the aisle, until the 2016 election. Over the last few weeks, Wikileaks have released the Podesta emails, which officials believe were obtained during a Russian-backed hacking agenda. On Friday, Wikileaks appeared to fan the flames after the FBI announced that they were investigating new emails that were uncoveredwhileinvestigating disgraced former congressman Anthony Wiener's sexting scandal.

Shortly after the story broke, Wikileaks made a claim about Clinton's campaign manager on Twitter, which was quickly deleted after being called out for the falsehood, as reported by the Daily Kos on October 28.

"Clinton campaign manager @RobbyMook just deleted all his tweets co-including with the FBI's announcement of its re-opened investigation," the Wikileaks tweet read. The problem with the statement is that, as the Daily Kos points out, Mook only joined Twitter in 2015, and had only sent one tweet during that time about the importance of voting.

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Donald Trump Democratic Party

The Daily Kos called Wikileaks out on their clear false tweet, which was quickly deleted, but not before a screenshot was taken. While Wikileaks has revealed quality information in the past, their recent actions only confirm criticism that they are engaging in a partisan attack against the Clinton campaign.

Campaign countdown

Despite the scandals that have hurt both campaigns, Trump and Clinton are down to their final week and a half on the trail. The latest polling shows Clinton with the clear advantage, both on a national level and in swing states, including Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Trump and his surrogates have already jumped at the opportunity to use the latest FBI announcement against the Clinton campaign, but if early voting results are any inclination about how the race will end, the country is likely to have its first female commander in chief.

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