The day after Hillary Clinton received a sound thrashing at the hands of Donald Trump at the second presidential debate, partly due to revelations by WikiLeaks, a second document dump occurred thanks to the organization headed by Julian Assange. According to the Washington Free Beacon, the latest leaked emails reveal unprecedented coordination between the Obama White House and the Clinton campaign to advance talking points defending the Iran nuclear weapons deal. Many of those talking points have turned out to be false and even flat out lies.

Claims made by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supporting Iran nuclear deal proven false

For example, the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign claimed that the economic sanctions would be reinstated should Iran continue abusing human rights, supporting terrorism, or maintaining its ballistic missile program. In fact, the sanctions have been lifted, with billions being paid to Iran, including planeloads of currency, and the Islamic Republic continued to do these things unimpeded.

Also, both Obama and Clinton have claimed that the Iran nuclear deal has closed off that country’s avenue to building an atomic bomb.

In fact, the Iranians are allowed to “carry out key research and development activities related to its nuclear program and the enrichment of uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon.” Iran is also allowed to build light water nuclear reactors that can also be used to enrich nuclear material for the creation of a weapon.

The inspection regime that is supposed to regulate Iran’s nuclear program is toothless since the inspectors are required to give ample prior notice when such activities happen.

WikiLeaks shows the depth of the conspiracy to sell the Iran nuclear deal

The bottom line is that Obama and Clinton are conspiring to sell an agreement based on a tissue of lies. They know this to be the case, know that Iran will build a nuclear bomb under the agreement, but have decided to make the deal anyway.

The bitter Iran is that if Hillary Clinton is elected president, she may well be in office when Iran breaks out of the nuclear agreement and explodes its first atomic bomb.

What she might do when that happens is something she refuses to reveal since she persists in the pretense that the agreement she championed will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear arsenal.

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