Donald Trump has been singing about a "rigged election" for some time now and apparently Fox News has picked up his tune and become Trump's chorus today. Fox News live reported on complaints today from voters after leaving somevoting machines in Texas. These reports may offer up evidence to Trump's "rigged" accusations. Some folks report that despite pulling the Trump voting lever, their vote registered for Hillary Clinton.

Trump makes snowballs and Fox flings them?

Media Matters suggests that Fox is "hyping" up the reports of some voters pulling the lever for Trump, but their votes registering for Hillary Clinton instead.

While these voting machines may seem to have a mind of their own, there's an explanation offered up for these votes flipping. This is nothing more than the voting machines malfunctioning and it has nothing to do with being rigged, according to the folks running the voting.

No rigged machines?

Voting machine experts are reporting that machines are not rigged to flip a vote and when this appears to happen it is either a malfunctioning machine or human error. Both causes have a fix. Trump has harped on "large-scale voter fraud" for weeks now and despite reports from different states seeing dead people and illegal immigrants voting, the mainstream media continues to poo-poo Trump's complaint.

Now that Fox News reports this, they too are being poo-pooed today!

According to the Dallas News early voters in Texas are seeing their Trump votes changed to a vote for Hillary Clinton.

Fishy posts on social media?

Voters in Texasare taking to the social media sites to warn others to carefully check their votes after their own votes mysteriously changed from Trump to Hillary. Now that Fox is reporting this they are being held responsible for "hyping" up this news.

Above you will see just one example of what a voter experienced at the Texas voting booths and below is another complaint lodged on Facebook.

Battle online begins

These social media posts have started a battle online between believers and non-believers in the voting machine debacle in Texas. Some say they "smell bull sh*t" and others say that Texas is not the only place where this is happening.Some of the voters who experienced this voting switch are concerned about other folks who this may have happened to, but didn't realize it.

They are concerned that unknowingly some votes went toHillaryinstead of going toTrump, which is the person they intended to vote for.They have legitimate concerns if this has happened to others without anyone noticing. Nobody wantstheir one and only vote togo to someone else rather than who it was originally cast for.

Fox News reporting the news, not 'hyping' it up?

As far as Fox News goes, they are reporting on what is happening in Texas when it comes to the early voting. They are not making up the stories, as once again these complaints are posted on social media. There are also people in Texas warning others of this debacle today and asking them to please check their vote before it is registered.

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