New accusations have popped up about Donald Trump's behavior at the second 2016 Presidential Debate on Sunday night. With that said, the person doing the accusing has stated that not everyone is going to recognize the inappropriate behavior that Trump demonstrated unless you are within a certain population, as much of it was only "implied."

Donald Trump did what?

In what might sound like a last ditch effort to discredit Donald Trump even more,a reporter forthe Advocate implies that Donald Trump was treatingAnderson Cooperdifferently because he is gay. This was subtle and they suggest you might not have known this was going on, as it was merely "implied." Unless you are part of the LGBT community, you may not have caught it, claims the writer.

Is he suggesting you need to look really carefully to see it --or maybe, just maybe, it just wasn't there?

Cryptic accusations?

So apparently unbeknownst to everyone outside of the LGBT community, it seemsDonald Trump was quietly taking subtle shots at the LGBT people at the second 2016 Presidential Debate on Sunday night. The writer also suggests that due to this behavior from Trump, Anderson Cooper is a sitting duck for more "homophobic attacks."

Anderson Cooper is gay

The first point they bring up for evidence is howTrumprepeatedlyquestioned Cooper's objectivity and the GOP candidate had nothing at all to base this on except for the fact that Cooper is gay. When Trump asked Anderson why he wasn't bringing up Hillary's emails, and Cooper replied that he had, Trump replied "It's nice.

One on three."

Reads your mind?

Lucas Grindley, who wrote this commentary for the Advocate, goes on to say he knows what the mindset was of the conservatives watching this from home last night. That mindset would be "He's gay" so there's no doubt about Cooper being on Clinton's side. Apparently Grindley saw it this way despite the many media outlets that came out and said Trump was interrupted more than Hillary and Cooper used a harsher tone on Trump in comparison to Hillary.

Trump vs. LBGT community?

One example of how others saw Cooper's handling of Trump comes from the New York Post. They suggest that Anderson Cooper "hijacked" the debate to "cross-examine" Trump over his vile comments made more than a decade ago. Another example that Grindley offers up to demonstrate Trump going against the LBGT community was Trump's idea of a Supreme Court Justice.

Trump said that he would like to find a Supreme Court Justice molded after Justice Scalia when finding a replacement for the vacant seat. Grindley states that the LBGT communityknew what he was really saying to all the conservatives out there and that was to "overturn marriage equality." Did you hear Trump say this?

Trump was not overly happy when first hearing that Anderson Cooper was to moderate last night's debate and he said so. His reasons had nothing to do with Cooper being gay, his reasons were from the history the two shared in a previous debate where Cooper was a bit rough on Trump and Cooper is known for being a bit tough on Trump on CNN. That was made evident in an article by Forbes yesterday that suggested there may be fireworks between Trump and Cooper because of Cooper being a bit harsh on Trump in the past.

In an article from back in September, Trumptalked about how "badly" Cooper treats him on CNN News, a cable news network that Trump has dubbed the "Clinton Network News." The last point and probably hardest to swallow blurb that Grindley makes about Trump treating Cooper differently comes from Trump saying he didn't like how Anderson "behaves."


Grindley took these words and asked his readers, "And how does Anderson Cooper behave? Grindley continued on about Cooper saying that the people of the nation know two things to be true about him. One being that he's a good journalist and the other being that Cooper is gay. So is Grindley suggesting that Trump was referring to Cooper behaving like a gay man?

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