Neutrality and trustworthiness key for peaceful elections

Organizers of the ‘Upper West for Peace’ project in Ghana have called on stakeholders in the electoral process: the media, security agencies, electoral commission, political parties, international community, civil society and the judiciary to exercise neutrality and trustworthiness in execution of duties before, during and after the December, 2016 presidential election.


Echo Sounds Entertainment & Management Company based in West Ghana has sanctioned the Upper West Peace project aims to create awareness in the upper west region of Ghana on the need to maintain peace and stability before, during, and after elections. The initiative is based on the understanding that, “Elections are not dependent on a single person working to ensure peace, but a collective responsibility for all to work diligently towards tranquility before and elections.”

The Upper West Peace project has acknowledged the importance of peace in strengthening the future of a nation, and peace’s role in unifying a country for a more productive citizenry.


Tuurosung Nuhu, the Echo Sounds Chief Executive Officer believes that peaceful elections in Ghana will create a more conducive environment for people to improve their quality of life.

Popular artistes will perform during huge peace tours in Upper West Region of Ghana

The project brings together the region’s top ranking musicians to deliver a peace message to stakeholders in the election process. Participating artistes have been selected based on their popularity and appeal to young Ghanaians.

The youthful population has in many instances been a target for devious activities by politicians during political campaigns. Featuring musicians in the peace song which has been produced by Echo Sounds and Directed by Nel Gee are; Badingu, Kawute, Samson B, Ojay Tins, Wiz Malik, Eddy Lee, Game Boi, Maaweh Mr, Imoru Ayaana, Sowa, Talent, EL Twist and Oteniba (OTB). The artistes are scheduled to stage a huge peace tour of the Upper West Region of Ghana preaching the importance of peace peaceful elections.             

Incumbent President John Mahama to face Ivor Greenstreet and Nana Akufo - Addo

Ghana has earned admiration for successfully conducting peaceful elections since its transition to democratic rule in 1992, but the country has at the same grabbed a share of the wave of contested election outcomes which have been evident in Africa.

The outcome of the country’s presidential election in 2012 triggered tension and a yearlong petition at the Supreme Court.

Ghanaians will on 7, December, 2016 troop to the polling stations across the country to vote for their preferred candidates for the seat of president currently held by the incumbent John Dramani Mahama of National Democratic Congress. President Dramani Mahama will be battling it out with the New Patriotic Party’s Nana Akufo – Addo, Ivor Greenstreet of the Convention People’s Party.


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