Many theories and rumors have been discussed, but nothing has truly been confirmed as to why Scotty Pippen and Larsa Pippen decided to call it quits. This came as a shock due to their long lasting marriage and has caused people to rampantly try to figure out what went wrong.

Rumors of Larsa Pippen having a close relationship to rapper Future

One of the most prominent explanations that has been presented on why the celebrity power couple split was due to a rumored relationship Larsa Pippen was having with the renowned rapper Future.

Witnesses have reported Larsa and Future hanging out together on multiple occasions and being visibly comfortable with one another.

According to TMZ sports, this is the reason why Scottie desired to end the 19 year marriage, and who can blame him? If he was faithful to his wife the entire time and he heard about multiple reports of her traveling and being with Future, than it is his right to file for a divorce.

Rumors of Scottie Pippen flirting with actress causing Larsa to get revenge

Scottie Pippen might have triggered Larsa's relationship with Future himself by being unfaithful to his wife.

If this is the case then the blame should be placed on Scottie because if the rumors are true, Larsa would have had no reason to cheat on her husband or even entertain the idea of being with another man. This rumor could also just be to ignore or remove the blame from Larsa and put it all on Scottie.

Rumors of divorce being due to Scottie Pippen's busy traveling schedule

Other sources in the matter have stated that the celebrity split is being caused by Scottie's business schedule which requires him to travel frequently.

This could have led to them distancing themselves from one another and could still make the rumors explained above true. It seems more than anything that Larsa's team is trying to do whatever they can to put the blame on Scottie and his imperfections in order to save her image in this ugly divorce.

Larsa and Future's team both deny they had intimate relationship

Sources from both camps have denied there was ever an intimate relationship between Larsa and Future, but are rather just friends.

This is hard to fathom and does not fully explain why they were seen extremely close to one another and traveling frequently together. Future is now in an awkward position and would rather not be named as the cause for the unfortunate divorce between the long standing marriage of Scottie and Larsa.

One is left to make their own conclusions due to the fact that nothing has been officially stated as to why the divorce is taking place. However, it is evident that this celebrity divorce was necessary and is truly a mess due to the finger pointing and multiple reports of why Scottie Pippen and his wife have decided to call it quits after 19 years.

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