This Wednesday, October 19. 2016, will be the third and final of the presidential debates, moderatedby Fox's Chris Wallace in Las Vegas.This election has been one of the most heated in history, with a breaking news story seemingly every day. Voters on both sides are extremely opinionated, and many feel as though neither candidate has won their hearts. In tonight's debate, the presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, will take the stage together for the last time to sound off on the important issues surrounding this year's election.

Earlier this week, Wallace announced the six topics he will cover in tonight's debate; debts and entitlement, immigration, economy, supreme court, foreign hot spots, and fitness to be president.

Each category will be given fifteen minutes of attention.

What to expect?

Most viewers wouldn't disagree that the debates so far have been unpredictable and unprecedented. There has been more media hype and mockery surrounding this election than many that have come before it.There are, however, some more surprises in store for audiences tonight.

1. No one will remember Chris Wallace

That’s what he hopes anyway. "If people say, 'it was a great debate and I don't remember you being there,' I will have done my job," said Wallace in an interview with his employers, Fox News. Wallace co-hosted the first Republic debate in the primaries last year, alongside Brett Baier and Megyn Kelly. Wallace is expected to do an excellent job moderating, due both to his 50 years of journalistic experience, and hisexcellent reputation amongst both parties.

2.Increased hostility between candidates families

These debates have been nothing if not extremely personal, with both candidates name-calling the other, attacking each other's character, and even each other's families. Historically, the candidates' families have remained genial towards one another, but tonight is said to be different.

Due to a meeting held by Mr. Trump before the last debate, during which he gathered the alleged mistresses of former President Bill Clinton,HillaryClinton has reportedly asked for the families to be kept separate at tonight's debate. This is to avoid any confrontation between the Clintons and any of Mr.

Trump's guests, and to avoid any hostile exchanges between the families. The families will enter from separate entrances and be seated on opposite sides of the stage.

3. Obama

Malik Obama, that is. Obama’s half-brother came out as a Trump supporter several months ago. Trump is said to have invited Mr. Obama as his guest tonight. It is unclear what role, if any, he will play in Trump's strategy as of now.

What Comes Next?

After tonight, both parties will continue to campaign until the polls close on November 8. Early and absentee voting has already begun in several states, but the majority of voters will turn out on election day to seal the fate of the country's next president.

Both parties are hoping for historic turnouts to further their chances of winning.

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