The latest release comes from Rossington, in the United Kingdom. The creepy clown, self-named "Doncaster Clown” released a video of his late night stroll through the town. The taunting clown commented via social media, asking kids to "come out and play" on the video thread.

The video, which is 34-seconds long, shows the recorder's shadow figure, walking along a metal railing. We hear clanging as he walks along the metal in this video titled "hello kids,"which was released at 1:50AM via Facebook. Reviews on the video were mixed. Some individuals begged the clown to stop taunting people, while others called the poster a fraud, telling him to stop messing around.

Video comes after series of strange clown sightings in the United States

As the fall season began, so did the many sightings of Clowns throughout the country. From small towns to large cities, individuals have been dressing up as clowns to spread fear to citizens everywhere. North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Idaho, and Connecticut police have all received numerous clown sightings, threats, or harassment over the past few weeks.

Some individuals report being chased by clowns, some threatened, and some individuals have simply spotted clowns lurking around apartment complexes at night. A report of a clown attempting to lure children into the woods was also made, although no clown was located.

Stores responding to clown sightings across the country

Target retail stores across the country are responding to the numerous clown sightings by pulling scary clown masks off their shelves. Joshua Thomas, Target's spokesperson, stated they removed the clown masks for sale online and in stores as a response to the current threats.

Numerous other stores across the country have pulled clown masks off their shelves as well pending the official investigation of masked clown violence throughout the country.

Purge plans all over social media

A group of 'killer clowns' has taken it upon themselves to plan a "purge" style outing, much like we see in the movie series "The Purge." Killer clowns were communicating via social media to plan an event set to take place prior to Halloween night.

This is a conspiracy that was quickly debunked by numerous online sources, saying the clowns are just creating a stir across the nation, with nearly half a million user shares within 48-hours of the original post.

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