President Barack Obama replied to a mean tweet by Donald trump on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Oct. 24, Monday, smashing the presidential candidate in a lethal blow. This was the second time the US President addressed some of the mean tweets directed towards his official twitter account.Obama replied to Trump, "at least I will go down as a president," after reading the mean tweet by the presidential hopeful, created on August 3, 2016. The tweet had been lifted up by Trump's supporters, racking up about 30k retweets and over 80k likes.

The viral video titled "Mean Tweets - President Obama Edition #2" has been viewed over 335k times since it was uploaded on Kimmel's YouTube channel yesterday.

It was apart of thelate night talk show's "Mean Tweets" segment, in which prominent people from sports, movies, music, and other walks of life addressed thederogatory and sometimes abusive messages.

"Obama-Trump" tweet battle ended with a lethal blow

"At least... as a president" is in every way a death blow to Trump, whose ship is already dwindling asthe election dayis getting closer. The Republican candidate had previously faced much defamation over his comments about immigrants, minorities, black people, and especially about women.

Obama "drops the mic" on Trump

Trump has gained a reputation of being a loose cannon when it comes to controlling his mouth or even his fingers when he is typing his tweets.

"Saturday Night Live" has already portrayed (A Day Off - SNL) how addressing his mean tweets must have felt like for his campaign manager, a hard role currently played by Kellyanne Conway.

However, it did not take much effort for President Obama to go on display on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and defend himself with the perfect answer.

Not only did Obama manage to speak out the right words, after completing saying what he had to say against @realDonaldTrump, he "dropped the mic" like achamp, eye-balling the camera with the meanest expressions he has ever worn. Known for his cool temperament, Obama finally dropped the good sportsman he's been playing throughout his term by dropping the micon Trump.

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