Did a New Jersey father toss his toddlers off a bridge or did he jump holding the boys? This is a question the police are trying to figure out as the father died in the fall. A distraughtmother called the police after her husband and the father of her two young boys threatened to hurt the kids and then took off in a car with their 1-year-old and 3-year-old toddlers.Police tracked the car by pinging the man's cell phone and they found it parked on a bridge.

Police found the man's body about 100-feet below that bridge and next to him they found his two small boys. Both children were injured but still alive and conscious.

Car on I-287 bridge

The car was on found on the shoulder of the bridge on Interstate 287 and when police looked down off that bridge they could see the boys on the ground in a wooded area. When they got to the kids they were alive and police believe it was the trees that kept them from receiving life-threatening injuries by cushioning their fall. The father who fell not far from the boys was pronounced dead on the scene, according to breaking news on CNN News today.

Police looking for witnesses

Police are looking for any witnesses that may have driven by the father and the toddlerson the bridge. The authorities are not sure if the father jumped off the bridge with the children in his arms or if he threw the boys off the bridge and then jumped to his death. Even though the river is near by, the father and the boys landed on solid ground beneath the bridge.

Boys 1 and 3 fell to the ground beneath the bridge

According to the New Jersey State Police Facebook page, the incident occurred at 8:08 p.m. Monday night.

The state troopers from the Totowa Station were notified by the police department in the township of Pequannock. They were told the father was last seenfleeing with the childrenfrom their home. The bridgegoes over the Wanaque River on I-287, but it was the wooded area before the river where the father and the boys landed in the fall.

Father dead, but boys alive

Police report that while the children were hurt in this 100-foot fall, they were not suffering from life-threatening injuries. The boys were transported to St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center and they are expected to recover from their injuries.

Domestic dispute gone horribly wrong

The police were originally called out to the house in Pequanock township on a domestic dispute call, but they arrived and the husband had already taken off with the children. Because the wife was worried that he would harm the children and possibly commit suicide the scramble was on to find him. The cell phone ping put his car on the Interstate 287 bridge and the police in that area were notified.

This is when they found the father dead and the children still alive underneath the bridge after the fall of 100-feet.

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