National Cat Day is here and for those of you unaware of this day, it is theday that's been designated for celebrating cats. All day today cat lovers across the nation will take time out to appreciate their feline pets for National Cat Day. Even if you were aware of this day, you probably didn't anxiously wait for its arrival. But now that it's here there's nothing stopping you from getting just a bit excited!

First time for everything

This is the first ever National Cat Day and if you are like most people searching to see what this is all about, you've lost yourself in a sea of cool cat clips and photos.

According to USA Today, for some reason or another November 29 has been deemed National Cat Day. So how does one celebrate the day designated for cats? Why not check out the several clips below to see just why cats are so fascinating to their owners! Like this one below who acts a bit like Hillary Clinton at times!

Cat people vs. dog people

You have to be a cat person to at know just how special a feline pet can be. Despite cats being just as popular as dogs when it comes to a pet, they are the polar opposites when it comes to personality! Actually, many cat owners will tell you they are the less needy pet when compared to a dog.

A cat's facial expression can say it all, like the tweet below of a cat!

Bathroom break!

You don't need to walk a cat and as long as you have a designated place for your feline to take care of their bathroom needs, they seldom have an accident outside those perimeters.

That alone is enough to celebrate National Cat Day. For folks who work, cats make the best pets because they are totally self-sufficient when left home all day alone. Just when you think you've seen it all, a cat comes along and does this - check out thetweet below!

Not really heroic

While a cat probably won't jump in the water to save a drowning child and it probably won't meow people out of a house that's on fire, they do let you know you are loved in other ways!

They are a proud animal and if they are let out of the house, it's not unheard of for them to bring you home a present.

Barn cats are famous for leaving a mouse, chipmunk or rat by their owner's front door to show off their kill, but to also present it to you as a gift! With National Cat Dayhere, you might want to check out the clip below. Don't ever let anyone tell you a cat doesn't hold a grudge!

Cats can also be very nurturing when they want to, just like the tweet seen below. Maybe this fellow doesn't realise he's grooming a pig?

He could think this little guy is just part of a litter! It is still a great reminder of why a National Cat Day was needed!

Kittens are also very observant when they want to be! Something is swinging up and down in front of these kitties and they are keeping time with it! Check out the clip below.

Shut ins don't mind!

Today most domestic cats are confined inside and for a cat, that's just fine by them.

You couldn't live in a city high-rise with a dog and never take it outside, but a cat can stay for years and years inside your home and never once begrudge you for that! This seems like another reason to celebrateNational Cat Day!

Besides getting a bad rap from an old wive's tale of crawling into the crib and taking a baby's breath away, you can't say too many negative things about a cat. A cat can even imitate Grandpa after Thanksgiving Dinner. This one below looks like they have a full belly and is ready for a long snooze!

They have you pegged!

A domestic cat is usually very loving to its human housemates.

Although it is not unheard of for a feral cat to be just plain mean. But if you've had your cat since they were a kitten, they are probably so in tune with your family that you don't notice its there unless you are looking for it. Since today is National Cat Day, go give your cat a hug!

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