It still remains a mystery as to what happened that fateful night of April 22. No one can offer evidence of who it was that crept onto the Rhoden family land to kill Tony Rhoden's brother, sister-in-law , cousin, two nephews and niece, as well as his soon-to-be niece. She never was able to witness the wedding that would make her an official Rhoden. Evidence was not left by the killers and they left the youngest generation, a toddler and two infants, unharmed.

Family Ties.

Tony Rhoden remains baffled by the senseless murders and has no theory to offer in regard to who would take his family away.

He finds such hate unfathomable.

A discovery of hundreds of marijuana plants at two of the Crime scenes, as well as more evidence of commercial grow operations, indicates that a motive for the murders may be linked to the marijuana business members of the family were involved in. Authorities have never corroborated this link nor confirmed it as motive, as the mass killing continues to be a mysterious unsolved crime.

The Investigation.

The Rhoden land crawled with investigators and police authorities for 26 days before it wasreleased back to the family that remained.

On that property, the three crime scenes were found that included three trailers and a camper which were towed away. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine shares that the purpose of hauling the vehicles off the land was to keep the crime scenes untouched and safe for that day when a judge or a juror may require them to help confirm the killer's role.

Tony and his only surviving brother Brady care for the land that remains vacant and although Brady visits it often, Tony shares that the pain keeps him away.

He tells USA Today of the scars that have been left by the tragic loss and mystery that haunts him.

"It is not a place of comfort. It’s hard to go back. Nothing eases the pain. I don’t reckon anything will.”

Murder in the Night.

It was in the early morning hours on April 22 that the cold-blooded killers found their way into the trailers and fired as many as 32 bullets while killing eight victims on the property sitting on Union Hill Road in Ohio Those victims included Hanna, who was Tony's niece, who snuggled with her newborn baby, Dana, who was shot five times and was Tony's other niece as well as his nephew and Dana's little brother who was shot multiple times.

Frankie and Hannah Gilley, Tony's cousin and his partner, were shot even as their toddler slept in between them, and while their 4-year-old son slept in the other room. Chris Sr., Tony's brother, was shot nine times and it appears that he may have put up a fight from what officials relay. Tony's cousin Gary was also found shot multiple times in a back bedroom, discovered lying on the floor. Kenneth had been shot only one time in the eye.

None of the dogs on the premises were harmed and all of the surveillance equipment had been stripped and taken by the killers. Due to very little evidence left at the scenes of the murders, Attorney General DeWine has stated at a recent press conference that the investigation is proving a difficult one and that it has turned into one of the most challenging and complex in all of Ohio state's history.

DeWine does promise that the murderers will be caught and that they will be brought to justice. Prosecutors have claimed that they are becoming more and more familiar with Pike County, where the family resided and are making progress in determining motive for this horrific crime.

For afamilythat has only been known by the community as hardworking and beloved within the county, the sadness still hangs heavy in the air.

The Rhoden family is attempting to remain hopeful, yet wonder what solace it will bring if the killers are caught. For Tony, a man who grew up on that very land, which was owned by his late father and then taken over by his brother Gary, visiting and tending it will always involve heartbreak, regardless of the outcome in the case.

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