Mike Pence appeared on Chris Cuomo's CNN morning show "New Day" Thursday where he was asked about the 'insulting' statements made against minorities during his running mate Donald Trump's campaign and over the banning of Muslims entering the country, only days after his Vice Presidential debate with Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine. In the interview Mike Pence was asked about statements Donald Trump made against women, Mexicans and Muslims, with Cuomo adding that he knows Pence did not share those positions beforem suggesting that by not speaking out against those statements, he was supporting them.

Mike Pence tries to ignore Donald Trump's 'insult' campaign

Rather than answer the question, Pence responded by describing his debate with Tim Kaine saying that Kaine had memorized a litany of personal insults which he used against Donald Trump and that he had the audacity to accuse the Trump-Pence campaign of being insulting.But he also reminded viewers that Hillary Clinton herself, had dismissed half of Donald Trump's supporters as a "Basket of Deplorables" weeks before, whichMike Pence had also brought up during the debate as well as in past interviews with the press. Tim Kaine said during the debate that Hillary Clinton had apologized for the 'deplorable' statement she made the following day, which Cuomo also brought up during the interview.

Mike Pence however said that she had not in fact apologized for the statement, only saying she regretted saying half of them were deplorable. During one particular moment however, as they were talking over each other, Cuomo was able to say "and you know that very unsavory, negative, deceitful components have attached themselves to the campaign." Even in other interviews, Mike Pence has continued to speak while others have tried to "step in" until he's completed his statements.

But whenPence was able to speak again, he did not address the mentioned "components" but rather, went back to saying that Hillary Clinton had not apologized after all.

There are no 'deplorables' among Mike Pence and Donald Trump supporters

Those "components" Chris Cuomo referred to are people such as former Klu Klux Klan leader David Duke, who publicly came out to support Donald Trump and even announced he would be running for U.S.

Senate for the state of Louisiana. When this happened, the press had a difficult time getting the Trump campaign to denounce him, signalling to many thathe might be accepting his support. But it has also been said that Mike Pence has done the same by not denouncing those mentioned deplorable components. Cuomo pressed him on the issue further, causing Mike Pence to go to Donald Trump's defense of statements made against minorities and others during his campaign,saying that the press was obsessed with focusing on the past and that voters were more interested in the issues.

Mike Pence has experience blockingSyrian refugees

In another interview with "Morning Joe", Mike Pence credited Donald Trump's vision to "Make America Great Again," when Joe Scarborough asked if all Muslims would banned from the U.S.

to which he said "of course not."Nonetheless, he continued to say that he and Donald Trump would targetSyrian refugees from entering. But recent news this week revealed that Mike Pence's effort to prevent Syrian refugees from coming to his state of Indiana failed, as a federal appeals court blocked Governor Pence's effort to take away funds from organizations who resettle Syrian immigrants, according to "NPR.

Initially, the Governor tried to block Syrianrefugees but a lower court prevented him from doing so, causing him to respond by trying to block funds to organizations involved.Clearly from this and the initial promises from the Donald Trump campaign, there is no way of knowing whether a Trump administration would target all Muslims or immigrants as recent reports have suggested.

Despite the denial by Mike Pence, the Trump site still has ban proposal posted online.

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