Michael Sabbie, 35, and a father of four, was found unresponsive in the Bi State Jail on July 22, 2015. The medical examiner deemed the death as natural, suggesting he died in the cell, in his sleep. However, video footage has since been released shedding some new light on what may have happened.

Michael Sabbie could not breathe

The night before Michael Sabbie died in the cell, he was begging guards around him for help because he could not breathe. Video footage has just been released which shows Sabbie trying to catch his breath.

Hewasapproached by a guard, who violently swung him down on the ground after Sabbie walked away from him. He said "I can't breathe," as several guards piled on top of him while he was on the ground. After Sabbie was pepper-sprayed, he said "I can't breathe" several more times. He said it a total of 19 times.

The guards assumed Michael was just faking it and took him back to his cell. He was found on the floor of his cell that morning, unresponsive. He was in custody for nearly 48 hours. Sabbie returned to the jail, coming from a court appearance.

A court bailiff, as well as the judge, both noticed Sabbie was having trouble breathing, even sweating and coughing. Sabbie specifically said himself that he wanted to go to a hospital and that he was spitting up blood.

Guards did not respond to Michael Sabbie's cries for help

Throughout the entire video, Michael Sabbie is repeatedly telling the guards that he has pneumoniaand is unable to breathe.

The guards, at one point, have Sabbie sit down in a chair, as he continued to tell them he was having trouble breathing. He was briefly checkout by a nurse, but nothing was done about his shortness of breath. The guards made him shower as he was still unable to breathe, he collapsed to the floor. He was then taken back to his cell.

Bi State Jail is not secure enough

An attorney, Matthew Campbell, stated that the Bi State Jail facility was "the least secure jail" he had been in.

While physically checking into the facility, Campbell was able to enter without showing proper identificationor having his briefcase searched.

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