The world may have inched just a few steps closer to the disclosure of advanced Alien Life when it was confirmed that research inquiries into the 1976 United States Viking Lander unmanned mission to Mars revealed a positive correlation with the existence of microbial life on the "red planet". A new scientific research article published in the Journal of Astrobiology found similarity between soil samples taken from Mars and terrestrial soils collected in California and Alaska which suggest, according to the researchers, that Mars indeed harbors life.

Mars harbors life

The article is called "The Case for Extant Life on Mars and Its Possible Detection by the Viking Labeled Release Experiment" and will be available free on the website Astrobiology until November 15th, 2016.

This latest research finding was conducted byGilbert V. Levin, Arizona State University, Tempe, and Patricia Ann Straat, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD. The "Journal of Astrobiology" is a peer-reviewed journal and this research has been determined by leading experts to be both valid and reliable for supporting the biological hypothesis for life on Mars.

The researchers explored both the biological hypothesis as well as the alternative non-biological hypothesis which has previously been examined by top leading researchers using various methodologies and working within varied disciplines of academic inquiry. In their view however, the biological hypothesiscannot be dismissed and this argument forms the central arc of their current findings and subsequent published article.

Chris McKay, PhD, and current Senior Editor of the Journal of Astrobiology also a researcher with the NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA said the following when asked about his opinion of these current research findings: "We cannot rule out the biological explanation.

This has implications for plans for sample return from Mars and for future human missions."

The truth is out there

This latest news adds further credence to recently released emails from Chairman of Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign which were recently released via Wikileaks and discuss in depth various aspects of exopolitics and the existence of advanced alien life.

Full information regarding those emails is available via Wikileaks.

The truth may in fact, be out there and humanity may be inching ever closer to the realization that we are not alone. One can only hope that as humanity awakens to the vastness of the cosmos and the closeness of our extraterrestrial neighbors we will realize the value of biodiversity to be found here and throughout the universe.

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