Kenneth Bone split his olive green pants when he was getting into his car to attend the second Presidential Debate in St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday, October 9. The undecided voter had been selected by Gallop to attend and ask a question. He had to go to Plan B concerning his wardrobe. So he wore a redsweater even though it was not his first choice.

It was close to the end of the 90-minute debate when Bone was called on to ask his question.

Since the 34-year old works 12-hour shifts at a coal plant in Illinois, he asked about meeting energy needs while being environmently friendly without job losses. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton answered the question. However, Bone's question is not what is making headlines since the debate.

Bone's new fame

When viewers saw Ken Bone on television, his name started to trend on social media. People wanted to know more about the man with the well-groomed mustache who wore the red cardigan, white tie, and black-rimmed glasses.

His olive suit would not have gotten that reaction. Within an hour after the debate was over, Bone had several requests for interviews. Before the debate, Ken had only six Twitter followers. Now, he has over 12,000 followers, and the number is still increasing. By the time Bone arrived at his car after the debate, he had received about four hundred friend requests on Facebook.

The red sweater

Since Sunday night, Bone'sred sweaternow has its own fan page and social media accounts.

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Donald Trump

Thesweater has been sold out online. Some people are making the red sweater a part of their Halloween costume in a few weeks. They will also use black-rimmed eyeglasses and a fake mustache.

Bone said he is closer to deciding who he is going to vote for. He will make up his mind after the final debate on October 19. Before attending Sunday's debate he was leaning toward voting for Donald Trump, but he was impressed with Hillary Clinton's answers.

Ken Bone will not be in the audience for the next debate, but he will certainly watch on television. Unfortunately, his new fans will not be able to see if he will be wearing his red sweater or something else just as cool.

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