The winner of tonight's debate? That title certainly didn't belong to hopeful candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The two bantered all night in what eventually turned into an all-out war. But America finally got a break when Ken Bone got to ask his question. A man wearing a red sweater and a white tie walked up to the podium and asked a question about energy needs of the two candidates. But it wasn't his question that ledthe man to Twitter fame.

Ken Bone Goes Viral.

Bone quickly rose to internet fame after the presidential debates.

And how could he not? The man looks like a certified G and was bold enough to wear this ridiculous outfit on live television.

He was made for internet memes! Heis actually built for this type of exposure, even if he doesn't know about it yet. After the debate, Bone actually walked around the stage and took pictures of the set.

How could America not immediately fall in love with this guy? It's almost impossible not to. And there were plenty of jokes on Twitter abouthis hilarious appearance.

Twitter on Ken Bone.

The internet has no mercy and immediately created a fitting meme for him.

And the rest of the internet piled on with even more hilarious memesabout Ken Bone.

But Twitter had more than memes up its sleeve and several users posted some interesting texts about him. Some were interested in his current socialstatus.

Others were interested in his availability.

And who wouldn't be interested in a guy who just rose to Twitter fame in just one night?

There are even some girls who are interested in leaving their current partner just for a chance with Ken Bone.

It's hard to be better than a guy who can look so happy in a red sweater and a white tie.

Ken Bone for President?

Americans who are frustrated with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have turned to Ken Bone as their alternative. And a Twitter user has already decided to start selling T-shirts in preparation for Halloween.

I'm going to have to seriously consider that purchase.

Ken Bone has made everyone's life better tonight and has distracted the American populace from the fact that we have two disgraceful candidates running for the president of the United States.

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