According to an interview published yesterday, Wikileaks, the organization founded by Julian Assange, has released 10 Million documents outlining global corruption; since it was founded ten years ago in 2006. Assange describes his organization as a success: "We believe in what we are doing. It's very satisfying. It's extremely interesting intellectually. Sometimes great moments of justice come out of it. In one case, a man falsely accused left prison thanks to a publication of ours. A lot of people who work for WikiLeaks have the same instinct as me: If you are pushed you push back."

Drip, drip, drip

Speaking with Germany's Die Spiegel, the Wikileaks mastermind reaffirmed that he believes he is doing the right thing by creating an open platform where information pertaining to governments and other trans and multinational organizations can be shared.

Assange spoke directly to critics who assert his actions to cast doubt upon the United States Democratic Party are meant to purposefully bolster the Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

Assange emphatically declared his suggestion that the United States Democratic Primary was subject to corruption saying: "Our publication of the DNC leaks has shown that the Democratic National Committee had effectively rigged the primaries in the United States on behalf of Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders. That led to the resignation of leading members of the DNC, including its president Debbie Wasserman Schultz."

When asked specifically if Assange would publish leaked materials pertaining to Donald Trump and other high-ranking officials, he agreedsaying, he would happily publish such materials if brought to light.

When asked about an interest in publishing documents relating to Russia, Assange pointed to a cache of some 650,000 documents which Wikileaks had released outlining Russian corruption. He also mentioned books such as "TheMafia State" by Luke Harding which have been written as result of those materials.

Year of the leak chronicles continued

Assange describes Wikileaks success in the following way: "The most important publication of WikiLeaks is that it has published more than 10 million documents. The most important single collection of material we have published is the US diplomatic cable series. We started with 251,000 in 2011, but are up to 3 million now and have more coming."

Assange touches on a number of other explosiveand developing storylines at the intersection of public policy, cyber security and the pursuit of international justice in his conversation with Die Spiegel.

The full interview is available for free on Die Spiegel's website.

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