News Update: It's ok to make fun of victims of sexual assaultas long as they support Donald Trump. At least, according to Joy Behar, that's the case. On Monday, the TV personality and co-host of ABC's "The View"and her fellow hosts were speaking about the Presidential Debate held on Sunday night and spoke on the topic ofsome of the women accusing former President, Bill Clinton of rape and sexual assault being in attendance. Those women having been invited by Mr. Trump (much less dramatic than Mr.

Khan being invited to speak at the Democratic National Convention)set the cast off. When one womansuggested Hilary could have said much more to defend herself and her family, Behar said this, "I would like to apologize to those tramps that have slept with my husband."

Behar is no stranger to voicing her opinions against Mr Trump.

Before the comment was made, the women participated in a conversation that can only be described as one that questions the merit of the women's allegations. Would Behar make a comment so aggressively mean just to go against the Trump campaign?

This wouldn't be the first time. Behar, Goldberg and the rest of the paneltouched on some of the allegations about JuanitaBroaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, and commented that no charges were filed in the case of Jaunita Broderick. Goldberg even went so far as to make a comment justifying why Hilary Clinton wouldn't naturally "embrace" the woman accusing her husband of such heinous events.

Everything bad Trump does is blasted all over media but for the Clintons, justification is a place called home. Is that what society has come to - Questioning the authenticity of a woman's rape accusations because she is supporting a man you do not?

For the Clintons justification is a place called home.

Today in true Behar insincerefashion, she apologized, "During a political conversation yesterday, I made a joke." Behar seems to shrug here almost to bring less credibility to the 'joke.' She goes on to say, "And I want to apologize.

I never, ever intend to belittle sexual assault or the women who were victims of it, ever. But I made a joke. I'm sorry. I apologize." Behar nods her head, pleased with herself and looks back to Goldberg to move on.

Something must have hit the bosses at ABC in the head enough to make Behar apologize. Maybe it was the thousands of posts and videos uploaded all over the country yesterday disgusted with Behar's comments and some even demanding the network fire her. In fact, if you find yourself perusing "The View's" Facebook page today, it seems that underneath almost every post are comments about boycotting the show itself.

Who remembers not so long ago when Behar was in some hot water when she insulted nurses?

The media: Impartial news or fully to blame?

Is there a line when it comes to free speech? In the past year we've seen protests and boycotts built on much less; sometimes even about seemingly non-topic issues to most. Is the media using their right to free speech or does this push the envelope on bullying culture? Whether you're voting for Hilary or Donald, should victims of any sexual crime be dragged through the political mud? Media, through this entire election has made it very clear that they have no moral compass in terms of allowing condescension of those with whom they don't agree.

What do you think would have happened if Donald Trump had made this comment about the women accusing him of sexual assault?

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