Since 1984 Professor Allan Lichtman has correctlypredicted the outcome of the presidential election long before voters went to the voting booths. Lichtman is a history professor at American University and his method for predicting a winner has worked 100 percent of the time. With that said, who does Lichtman see moving into the White House in January?

And the winner is...

That would beDonald Trump, according to

So how does this expert on history accomplish a fool-proof method for picking the winner? As far as Lichtman is concerned political platforms, advertising, endorsements and even the debates have little influence over the voters when it comes time to cast their ballot.

The winner of a presidential election is determined by how the population sees the performance of the present president and his party.

With the Democrats in office today there is so much discontentment over Obama Care, illegal aliens, the financial climate and lack of secure borders, with the list going on and on.

Nothing traditional about Trump's campaign

During a recent interview with Morning Shift, Lichtman was reminded of how this presidential election has offered up so many unprecedented events. They asked if this could possibly render his prediction incorrect due to all these variables not before seen during the campaign period.

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Donald Trump

'The Keys'

Lichtman's method includes "The Keys" and these work by measuring the party in the White House today for their strengths and performance. Basically it boils down to Americans either wanting or not wanting four more years of the political climate they are experiencing today. Most wouldprobablyblurt out "no" if they were asked this question.

What about the polls?

Since Hillary Clinton has jumped ahead in the polling, Lichtman was asked if he takes the polls into consideration.

He said not only does he not consider the polls in any part of predicting who the next president will be, but the polls often go against what "The Keys" have determined.

Back in 1988 the polls had George H.W. Bush trailing Mike Dukakis by 18 points. He said back then to forget the polls and he was correct. History proves he was right as it was Bush who skated into the Oval Office. While predicting that Trump will win, he does say that this is the "most puzzling and disturbing election in U.S. history.

Could Lichtman change his prediction?

Is there a chance that as the election nears Lichtman could change his prediction? He never has before and while he doubts this will happen he does say a few of "The Keys" could flip and there's always a possibility.

This is the first time in history a person with no experience in public service is running for president and he does come with baggage, like the video of him having some very vile things to say about women.

Lichtmanpoints out that the video has not taken Trump out of the race, but if it was anyone else, they'd be down the road.

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