A Chinese author slamming India in a Chinese publication is not surprising, for that country’s state-controlled media lacks the versatility to look at things from angles that don’t suit its state’s politico-strategic stance of anti-Indianism.But when the same comes from an Indian author and too in quite an unsettling language, there is bound to be an impact. And the Global Times’ business piece penned by Gaurav Tyagi, an Indian freelance writer based in china, titled “Chinese companies should focus on domestic resources rather than investing in India” has done that. The media in India has already reacted to Tyagi’s take on things between the two large South Asian neighbors.

'India's talks on boycotting Chinese goods just rabble rousing'

The article starts by saying: “There has been a lot of talk recently in the Indian media as well as on social media about boycotting Chinese products but trust me, I am well aware of the Indian psyche. It's just rabble rousing. Indian manufacturing cannot compete at all with Chinese products, for various reasons.”

Tyagi, who livesin Baiyin in China’s Gansu province, then went on to say that India is still lagging behind in infrastructure like roads and highways, water and power and there is too much corruption in its state department. He said India is “busy courting the West instead of improving ties with China." According to the writer, the United States is nobody’s friend and is using India to contain the Chinese because it is jealous of the Asian giant’s development and growth as a global power.

'Make In India impractical'

Tyagi also slammed India’s politicians, bureaucrats and “crony” capitalists, saying most of the country’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of these classes but the Indian elite doesn’t want to utilize the taxpayers’ money for the country. The Indian establishment uses it for its personal consumption, Tyagi’s article in the Global Times said.

He also called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s much talked-about 'Make In India' scheme “impractical."He said: “The reason is that the Indian establishment wants foreign companies to invest in India.”

Tyagi took a dig at the labor class in India, saying it is neither hardworking nor efficient and the main aim of the country’s numerous labor unions is to extract more money by doing the least work.

In a time when automation has replaced a number of basic manufacturing jobs across the world and the businesses of import and export have taken a toll, it would be completely suicidal for the Chinese companies to set up manufacturing products in India, the author stated. He instead wants the Chinese companies – particularly the phone manufacturers – to eye Gansu, the province where he resides, where the labor is cheap and educated and also offers plenty of land.

'Let Indians bark, they can't do anything'

However, it is the article’s concluding lines that have enraged the Indian media the most. It said the Chinese companies should think about their own country instead of investing in India and ignore the Indian authorities’ “barking” about the country’s growing trade deficit with the larger neighbor.

“The fact of the matter is they cannot do anything about it,” it said.

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