Many have evacuated but for those without the resources to be able to do so, Hurricane Matthew is creating immense hardship and risk to life across the American state of Florida. As this immensely dangerous storm gained intensity as it hurdled through the Caribbean, it was linkedto some 280 confirmed deaths as of the morning of Friday, October 7th.

More than 2 Million Floridians have fled their homes, leaving belongings in a desperate effort to reach safety. At this time, the storm known as Hurricane Matthew has been downgraded from a Category 5, to a Category 4 and has weakened to a Category 3 as of early Friday.

Despite this, Hurricane Matthew still poses immense threat to life and property. The National Weather Service is projecting the storm will follow a course parallel to the Florida coast.

Environmental Humanitarian Crisis

While this has spelled good news for those in the southern-most portion of Florida, it has created a catastrophic risk for many who still live within range of the highly populated south eastern coast of the United States. The National Weather Service has reported that Hurricane Matthew could issue forth up to 15 inches of rain and storm surge flooding of close to 10 feet in some areas. Citizens are desperately trying to reach safety all across the Florida coast though authorities have also advised citizens as far away as Georgia and the Carolinas to do everything they can to secure their properties and head inland for safety.

Hotels across the south east are being inundated with multiple families forced to share single hotel rooms due to the immense environmental catastrophe unfolding on the coast.

The Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach Airports are closed at this time. Thousands of citizens are stuck in make shift habitations in local community centers such as schools and hospitals.

Various locations as far north as Charlotte, North Carolina are reporting huge influxes of individuals and families desperate for respite and shelter out of harm's way.

Citizens in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina have been advised by local authorities to take everything of value that they can; there is no assurance of safety and no guarantees of protection to life or property at this time.

This storm is nowhere near finished and despite being downgraded to a Category 3, Hurricane Matthew still poses an immense threat.

The world stands with those affected

Anyone within the affected area is advised to seek out safety. Times like this, the community needs to pull together. Despite the tragedy, there are many signs of benevolence and the good will of strangers.In times like these, Americans pull together.The world stands with those affected by Hurricane Matthew.

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