The Humane Society is known to work for the betterment and welfare of animals. They work as advocates, caring for thousands of animals through rescue efforts, mobile veterinary clinics, disaster response, global street dog programs and more. So many workers and volunteers do all they can in the name of those without a voice. The Peninsula Humane Society failed in their goals and face charges of animal abuse and neglect.

Witnesses report abuse at the shelter

Employees at the Peninsula Humane Society raised concerns about poor conditions and neglectful care of the animals at this facility.

The issues were aired at a recent press conference. Within their report, the employees showed videos and photos of the haunting conditions at the shelter. Evidence was gathered regarding the conditions at the San Mateo building, horrific condition of the kennels and lack of staff to provide adequate care of the animals. The employees from the shelter were making demands for improvement of the facility and care for the animals. The staff state that they love what they do and their concern is for the animals.

Requests were made by staff to address issues and concerns such as conditions of the kennels, lack of air conditioning in the animal transport vehicle, a crumbling building in disarray, and mistakenly euthanizing animals.

Response of the Peninsula Humane Society CEO

During the press conference, the president of the Peninsula Humane Society, Mr. White, was on vacation and unavailable for comment. However, the VP Lisa Van Buskirk denies all allegations by the employees at the facility.

She claims that animals are very safe to come to the facility. She also feels that they are fully staffed to provide appropriate care despite a lack of staff to care for the animals. Ms. Van Buskirk believes the employees are raising these issues as leverage for their own contract negotiations. News media voices that it is typical for corporate to turn the blame onto employees. However, it appears that all are losing sight of the real issue, and that is the care and welfare of the animals.

This is and should be a number one concern for any and members of the Humane Society.

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