Hillary Clinton stayed inside her plane on the ground in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a little longer than expected as the news hit the headlines that the FBI has reopened an investigation into her emails. Just 11 days ahead of the presidential election something very serious must have occurred for the FBI to announce a new probe into Hillary's email. This is the October surprise that was "never expected" by Hillary or her camp.

Emails came from where?

The new emails came to the FBI as part of the investigation of Anthony Weiner's emails, according to the New York Times today. The emails were found on devices that belonged to both Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, who is Hillary's top right-hand person on the campaign trail.

Fox News journalist Chris Wallace said that for the FBI to announce this 11 days out from the election, what they have found has to be significant. He also does not believe that this will be over before the election, according to Fox News on Friday.

Brave face

Hillary smiled and waved as if nothing was going on as the reporters shouted questions to her about the FBI investigationwhen she finally got off the plane. She still kept the crowd waiting at her rally as the news stations across the nation kept a split screen going as they waited for Hillary to come to the podium.

Trump speaks

Donald Trumpwas in New Hampshire at his own rally when the news brokethat the FBI is probing Hillary again. He added a few appropriate comments, but he let the news basically speak for itself.

He acted like a gentleman, taking to the podium at his afternoon rally. He praised the FBI for doing this and he felt that anything he had to say was dull in comparison to the news about Hillary that was virtually just minutes old when he took to the stage.

Justice finally served?

Trump did say that "perhaps finally justice will be served," according to the Boston Globe.

He also said that it is very important to stop Hillary from bringing this type of "criminal scheme into the Oval Office."

When Hillary finally did make it to the podium, she was overly animated, declaring it was a beautiful day in Cedar Rapids. The exaggerated smile and fluctuation in her voice mirrored the enthusiasm of an NFL cheerleader.

She went about her rally as if nothing had happened.

Threw stones from her glass house?

She made the mistake of lambasting Donald Trump for attacking "democracy itself." Her deflecting techniques only made things worse for her today as it was like watching her throw stones while living in a very fragile glass house. Trump has constantly complained in the past that Hillary skated from her email debacle. His words have now come back to bite her.

She slammed Trump hard today by going on and on and on about his treatment of women, even re-phrasing some of his comments to sound absolutely horrible. She said "we have come too far to let Donald Trumptake us back." The applause was there, but not at the volume it has been in the past.

It was almost laughable when Hillary called Trump the "poster boy for bad business." What? He is not the one being investigated by the FBI for her bad business practice as Secretary of Stateafter she's allegedly put national security at risk with her emails.

Paul Ryan speaks

The FBI's new probe is not something she can sweep under the rug. House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a very sullen tone that Hillary has nobody else but herself to blame for this. Ryan has asked that Hillary's classified briefings be suspended until this email debacle is resolved. That request was made to the Director of National Intelligence today. Hillary almost sounds as if she doesn't understand the scope of what has happened today.

She is bashing Trump and flattering herself, with the hope that people will believe her. It just could be -- that ship has sailed.

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