Hillary Clinton's missing BleachBit emails are believed to be among the 650,000 emails that led James Comey to reopen the investigation on Hillary Clinton. It appears that Huma Abedin may be thrown under the bus by Hillary Clinton or at best she's been groomed to take the fall. Huma has "lawyered up" to get ready for the inevitable, reported "Fox and Friends" Monday morning.

BleachBit surprise

"Fox and Friends" report that within these hundreds of thousands of emails it is believed the emails that Hillary had put through the BleachBit process and deleted may have been backed up and were onHuma'sphone.

Then Huma used the computer at home to transfer the emails to her Yahoo account to make it easier for her printing purposes. In all actuality, Huma was living with Anthony Weiner as his wife, so the computer, which is referred to as Anthony Weiner's, was really used by both.

Huma to take the fall?

According to the Market Oracle, Hillary's staff is preparing a case for Hillary that hinges on her not knowing anything about these emails and how they got on Huma's disgraced and estranged husband's computer. Humahas been away from Hillary's side since the news of this investigation it the headlines. This is the first time since Clinton's campaign was announced that Hillary's right-hand person has not been by her side.

Did Comey get ultimatum?

What may have prompted James Comey to put the investigation into play again at this particular time was an ultimatum from some of the agents, suggests Market Oracle. Was theFBIDirector under pressure to do it right this time and reopen the case because if he didn't, his co-workers were ready to do it for him?

That is a train of thought coming from some folks today including the Market Oracle website.

A new meaning for loyalty?

As for Huma, she will soon learn the full extent of what it means to get into bed with the Clinton duo because Hillary's camp is ready to shield Hillary from all of this. Hillary denies knowing anything about the emails that Huma somehow transferred to her husband's device.

These classified emails appear to have been treated with about as much concern as spam. They were sent and/or received from Hillary's at-home unsecured server and then Huma transferred them from her phone to her Yahoo account via her husband's unsecured computer. Her reasoning behind this was so the emails would be easier to print.

Emails handled with care of spam

When it boils down to it Hillary set the precedent for handling these emails, but it looks as if Huma may be the one to shoulder this debacle if the denials coming from Hillary's camp are any indication. Many folks are confused as to why Hillary and Huma, who say they have no idea what these emails contain, don't just release them themselves.

Instead Hillary insists the FBI releases more information on the content of the emails.

Huma said that she has handed over all the emails in her possession during the initial investigation is another problem that cropped up today. With the discovery of these emails, it is obvious she was either not telling the truth or somehow forgot about them.

Is it or isn't it his job?

Hillary called this email investigation announcement not only "strange" but "unprecedented " and "deeply troubling." When Comey found thatHillary Clinton was not in line for any charges after the initial investigation, she thanked him for doing his job. Now that Comey is doing the same job today they are going after him in attack mode!

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