Hillary Clinton brought out a ghost from the past in the form of former vice president and presidential candidate Al Gore at a rally in Florida. The idea is that Gore will appeal to Millennials because of his hard-line stance on climate change. However, as the Washington Free Beacon reported, Gore dredged up old resentments from the 2000 campaign when he failed to steal the election during the infamous recount drama. He noted that he is the poster child for everyone’s vote counting. By the time the United States Supreme Court put an end to the shenanigans taking place in Florida, Gore was about 500 votes behind George W.

Bush, the eventual winner. Subsequent media studies suggested that had the recount continued, Gore still would have lost.

Clinton’s selection of Gore as a surrogate is considered an odd decision. The two politicians have been enemies ever since the Bill Clinton administration, mainly on policy. Gore also partly blames the former president for his 2000 defeat, due to the Monica Lewinsky affair and the Elian Gonzalez travesty. The same president who raised Gore up to national prominence destroyed his chances to achieve the top of the greasy poll of American politics.

More importantly, Gore’s reemergence into national politics demonstrates the geriatric nature of American politics. Clinton and Trump are pushing or are in their 70s. Clinton’s chief rival in the primaries, Bernie Sanders, is also in his 70s. The Republicans inexplicably passed over a younger generation of candidates, including Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio, for an aging voluptuary. 2016 was not the year when a torch was passed to a younger generation.

Gore also demonstrates the corrupt nature of Democratic politics. While inveighing against climate change, the former vice president lives in a mansion with a carbon footprint the size of a small, third world country. Gore flies around in a private jet that spews tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. He has also made many millions selling dubious carbon credits. Climate change may be a cause, but for Gore, it is also a money making scam.

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