For Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump’s leaked recording where he spews sexist drivel in a conversation with former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush is the least of her concerns. Instead, the only thing on her mind is getting ready for the second round of the 2016 Presidential Debates.

Clinton currently mum on Trump’s faux pas from 2005, but may speak out in debates

In less than a half-hour from this writing, America will be glued to its collective TV screens as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton square off in a town hall-style format, marking the 2016 debates’ second round.

Most of the talk regarding the Trump campaign centers on the “hot mic” recording from 2005, where he had boasted of groping women and taking advantage of his popularity and name recall to do so. This had earned him criticism from even his closest supporters; running mate Mike Pence said that he “doesn’t condone” Trump’s comments, while Melania Trump herself said that her husband made “unacceptable and offensive” remarks on the hot mic tape.

In addition to Trump’s vice president and wife, close allies such as Speaker Paul Ryan have also made their stand on the issue. Ryan reportedly disinvited Trump from a Wisconsin rally following the video leak, according to a report from TIME.

Surprisingly, Clinton has decided not to speak on the matter and respond to the offending video. TIME cited an unnamed Clinton campaign official in saying that the Democratic presidential nominee would rather wait until the debate itself, shaming Trump in front of millions of television viewers, as well as the assembled crowd at Washington University in St.

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Democratic Party

Louis, where the presidential debates will be held at 9:00 p.m. ET, Sunday evening.

So far, Clinton’s only significant comment on the matter was a tweet posted on Friday, where she called Trump’s remarks “horrific,” and added that “we cannot allow this man to become president.” Similarly, Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.) said that the video made him “sick to (his) stomach,” while speaking to reporters during a Las Vegas campaign sojourn.

Other Democrats more vocal in speaking out against Trump

Hillary Clinton may be laying low for the meantime as she prepares for the presidential debates, but other Democrats haven’t been shy about expressing their disdain for Donald Trump and his sexist views. For one, the Democratic National Committee has blamed the GOP in general for making Trump their chosen candidate in the 2016 elections. The DNC also released a statement Friday night calling out Republicans and questioning whether they would still be willing to support him despite the new controversy.

In the statement, interim DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile said that Trump’s “offensive, degrading, and disgusting” remarks need no repeating due to their offensive nature. She also asked if Republicans are still willing to refer to him as a “role model” for America’s children, given the foul nature of the hot mic video.

With Republicans torn on whether to keep supporting Trump despite the controversy currently surrounding him, it does look like Hillary Clinton has done the right thing – get readyfor the debate first and foremost, and let Trump keep reeling from his own party’s criticism (and that of her own party) while she prepares.

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