An 87-year-old Grandmotherwho sat out Hurricane Matthew in her Palm Coast, Florida home was sent a Pizzaas a stand-in for a well-being check by her grandson thousands of miles away! For two days her grandson from Omaha tried to reach her by phone to no avail. With no answer from the sheriff's office in that area, her grandson Eric decided to think outside the box.

Think inside the box!

Itwas more like thinking inside the box, a box full of Papa John's Pizza. Eric called the local Papa John's and ordered his grandmother, Clair Olson, a pepperoni pizza. There were some instructions from her grandson for the delivery person along with the pizza.

When Lance Tyler delivered the pizza to the elderly woman, she told him she hadn't ordered anything, but Tyler soon filled her in on the bigger picture of this pizza delivery. He explained to her how her grandson in Omaha was concerned because her phone was out and he had no way of reaching her to check on her well-being.

Pizza with instructions.

Tyler then followed through with the rest of the instructions and called Eric in Omaha, so he could hear his grandmother's voice and know for sure she rode out the storm in one piece. Clare was not only thrilled to hear from her grandson, but the pizza came in handy too!

Eric said to his grandmother that it had been two days since the storm and he thought that she might be hungry by now.

Claire called her pizza meal "fantastic." Her land line is down, but as soon as it is fixed she promised to start calling all her other worried relatives, according to the New York Daily News.

Many of the elderly not tech savvy.

Many of the elderly don't have or want cell phonesor any of the newer technology like a tablet.

If you only have a land line when going through a storm like Matthew and your phone goes down, you have no way of communicating with the outside world.

The past few generations are hooked up with cell phones, tablets, laptops, and computers, so texting, Facetime, Skyping and calling are options opened to those folks.

That wasn't the case apparently for Claire, as she said she needed for her phone to be fixed before she's able to call anyone.

Grandmother safe and eating pizza!

So how did Claire fare? She was one of the lucky ones, as her home was not damaged in the storm. All around her area neighborhoods were flooded and homes were lost. When it was all over, this grandmother was delivered a surprise pizza!

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